Lonzo Ball vs Ricky Rubio

Lonzo Ball vs Ricky Rubio

Let's compare 2nd season Lonzo Ball and sophomore year Ricky Rubio and see if Los Angeles Lakers fans can get insight into the future of Ball in the NBA.

Most Los Angeles Lakers fans probably don't want Ricky Rubio to see Lonzo Ball, and the Garda's best disappointment as a result of his career.

Unfortunately, there are many similarities between the two players.

Here is a list of their similarities:

  • Both players around them had a huge amount of hype before entering the NBA.
  • Both players were injured during their first two NBA seasons.
  • In the first two years of the club, both players were unsuccessful.
  • Before the two players began playing in the NBA they were supposed to be major offensive players, but they were much better at defense.
  • Both of them were struggling with their shows during their novelty and sophomore years.
  • Both of them lost a lot more games than they won during their first two years.

Lakers do not need to lose too much heart, however, because Lonzo Ball played only 99 games in total during his career and Ricky Rubio was his main goal, but Ball is obviously in a row over Rubio.

Here are my point guard rows:

Series 1: The Superstars

Series 2: The All-Stars

Strand 3: The Super Stars

Strand 4: The All-Potential Young Stars

Series 5: Solid Point Gardaí

While Lonzo had a second season similar to Ricky Rubio, Ball ceiling is a guardpoint in the NBA as high as New York's skyscraper top. On the other hand, Rubio is on his main point and shows that he will never play All-Star. Lonzo still has time to be a great player.

Here are 2nd year statistics Lonzo Ball:

45 game, 9.9 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 5.4 APG, .406 FG%, .329 3P%, .488% eFG

This is Ricky Rubio's 2nd year statistics (2012-2013):

Played 47 games, 10.7 PPG, 4 RPG, 7.3 APG, .360 FG%, .293%%, .386 eFG%

If you thought Lonzo was a bad shooter, drink Rubio's 2nd year numbers and let your stomach heat as a nice cup of green tea.

Ball in Rubio was an excellent aggressive member in all aspects.

This 2nd year Lonzo shooting numbers:

  • 0-3 feet: 60%
  • 3-10 feet: 30%
  • 10-16 feet: 24%
  • 16-3PT: 36%
  • 3P: 33%

This is Rick Rubio's shooting numbers in the second year:

  • 0-3 feet: 45%
  • 3-10 feet: 24%
  • 10-16 feet: 32%
  • 16-3PT: 35%
  • 3P: 29%

Lonzo's shooting numbers are not great, but he improved from the 1st season to the second season from all over the court, rather than 10-16 feet. This is a positive sign.

However Ricky Rubio pointed out that there were few improvements from mid range and number of shot from 0-3 feet and from beyond the arc and the second year in the NBA.

A terrible 3 point Rubio points were alarming, but his 45% shot mark from within 3-feet of the basket showed that he was one of the worst collectors in the NBA.

Ricky Rubio's portion is like a frozen burrito to eat for dinner. When you see it, you will be sad, you will never satisfy you, and there is a 25% chance of giving you diarrhea.

Lonzo Ball is less than Rubio. The first step is strong, great explosion with the edge, and good hops, and it all helped shoot 60% from 0-3 feet to shoot. Lonzo has much greater potential as an aggressive player than Rubio has ever had.

Lonzo Ball was defended during the 2018-2019 special season for such a young player. Ball stands at 6 6 ″ and was one of the fastest defending players in the NBA with an average speed of 4.08. Compare this with Ricky Rubio's average speed during his third season in the NBA (the second moving sports sport did not track players until the 2013-2014 season) of 3.99 and his height of 6-4 and obviously has strong physics. Lonzo has an advantage over the Spanish.

Lonzo Ball's body tools helped the defender of 1.4 percentage points under their average medium, which was the top-10 figure among the guards all the point during the regular season. In the third season Ricky Rubio, he allowed to assign 3.4% better than average.

The 4.2 Lakers were a better point of defense when Lonzo was on the court, and during the second season of Rubio, the Timberwolves were only 0.1 points better on a less glamor side of the ball when they played Ricky.

Lonzo Ball is clearly a better guard for young people than Ricky Rubio during his 2nd and 3rd seasons in the NBA. Lonzo Ball is faster, higher, and less athletic than Rubio, but the thing that sets it apart is Ricky than her basketball IQ.

Lonzo Ball has the ability to read plays on reading in a way that many other players cannot, and uses his talent to run lanes, squash around screens, and prevent protection.

It is clear that while traditional numbers like Ricky Rubio at Lonzo Ball, the high statistics show that Lonzo was a much better young player than Rubio. That's why I chose Lonzo Ball to compare with Ricky Rubio and I considered using another player who had his high stats like Lonzo; Draymond Green.

In the end, I could not use Draymond Green as a Lonzo Ball equivalent, as while a Member who has Green has many of the same qualities, there's a characteristic of Lonzo really does a special Draymond: A passion for basketball game .

Green hates that he would lose so badly if he couldn't satisfy the ball for a safety block, he didn't cut his hand and throw it on to get the W..

Lonzo and Rubio do not have the same hunger that offers courses through Green veins. They remind me of my friend Danny from high school.

Danny was 64 ″, 225 pounds, and faster than most of the guys on the rails team. Since then it has been a muscular broken ball to destroy his peers in pee-small football, his parents put one idea into his head: football was his golden ticket to reputation and wealth.

He was forced to play football as if he were unsuitable, his mother and his heart would break. The problem was that football hated. Every time he was, he looked like he would cry. The dude wanted to be an artist, but he played football because he had no other choice.

I compared Lonzo to Rubio as they both expect tears to ditch when they go on the basketball court just as my friend Danny did when he was playing football. In fact, Lonzo Ball and Ricky Rubio look as bleak in their eyes when they come to the floor and it is easy to confuse them with a pair of white pedestrians crossing the North of the Wall. Neither of them loves the basketball game.

Lonzo Ball does not have to ritual as Draymond Green. This is not Lonzo's personality, but when Ball was named an All-American American at UCLA and when he headed for a Lakers summer series squad in the title in Las Vegas, he was unrestrained.

His love of the game was contagious and the joy of Ball on the basketball court extended to his colleagues and the winners were successful. As a basketball fan I loved what Lonzo Ball brought to the table before playing his first real game for the Lakers.

Then he began his rookie season for the Purple and Gold and Patrick Beverley going up the first time he stood on court. His father then started turning out majestic liners every week. Then Lonzo began losing wide open shots from depth. Suddenly Lonzo Ball had smiled gone. His happiness in playing basketball collapsed and his head was replaced by a storm.

Follow the same storm into his sophomore year in the league. Before season ankle sprain 2018-2019 Lonzo ended too early, there were two obvious things: the talent at Lonzo Ball to become a basketball savant promising Lakers fans and Lonzo Ball did not enjoy playing for the Lakers.

If Lonzo Ball continues to improve an offense and keeps his big play on defense, he will enter into my 3rd set of point guards where he hits his prime.

Forward: Grade Lonzo Ball 2018-19 Grade Player

However, if he continues with the growing trend of offense and defense AND if he finds his love for the basketball game again, then the sky is at the sky. It could easily jump into my 2nd series, or if the stars settle, it could be in my first layer point guards.

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