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Loona Chuu [꿈의엔진 제공]

[헤럴드경제=고승희 기자] When the agency expelled member Chu from LOONA, alleging ‘abuse’ and ‘offensive language’, the backlash from public opinion and the industry is unusual. Loona members also express their support for Chuu.

Communicating with fans on the fandom stage on the 26th, LOOΠΔ Hyunjin said, “My head and heart are hurting. I’m very angry.”

When fans expressed their concerns about Hyunjin’s story, “I think it’s better to be careful with your words because you don’t know. Our hearts are hurting too.”

In response to Hyunjin’s comments, a fan asked, “Aren’t you scolding unnie?”, “Why are you scolding me? Did I do something wrong?”

A writer who works with Chuu Loona on the web entertainment show ‘Keep Chuu’ also supported Chuu.

On the 25th, the author of ‘Keep Chow’ posted on his SNSDP, “It’s really funny to say that Gapjil is offensive. Ji-woo (Chuu) is a kid who was worried that other staff members wouldn’t be paid even though that she’s having a hard time,” he said. He said, ‘I know it’s hard because I’ve been through it too, so I can’t see it’.”

He said, “We all know he didn’t take good care of it.” He added, “Because it’s so good for people.”

Currently, various online community bulletin boards are full of testimonies from officers who have worked with Chuu or have had a relationship even for a short time.

Previously, on the 25th, Blockberry Creative announced that they had decided to remove Chu from LOONA and leave.

The agency claimed, “Recently, there have been reports of abuse of power, such as Chuu’s abusive language towards our staff, so we investigated and the fact has been clarified.” We will do our best in the future so that you can comfort him. and focus on treatment.”

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