Look at 3 factors that make “COVID 19” less serious of what? Check it out.

Look at 3 factors that make “COVID 19” less serious of what? Check it out, this is the answer. Doctor Yong reveals that the virus has evolved itself in order to live with humans. with vaccination and infection

COVID 19 There is still an ongoing epidemic. no end soon

But one thing that has changed is the reduction in the severity of the disease due to many factors.

Yong Phuwarawan, Head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University with a message stating

COVID-19, the severity of the disease has decreased.everytime

COVID-19 has always tended to minimize the severity of the disease. with many factors

1.Evolving viruses for survival The virus has evolved to become less virulent. in order to live with humans Because if it causes violence or death, the virus itself cannot survive. The development of old vaccines such as the polio vaccine, weakened the virus. It will bring the virus because it continues to spread passing many times Over time, the virus will change genetically to weaken. and then use it as a vaccine

As with COVID-19, when people are infected for a long time, there will always be genetic changes to reduce the severity. The global mortality rate dropped from 3-5% to around 1% or less Figures reported by the World Health Organization. But the number of deaths and infections of the World Health Organization

It is found that the number of infections is much lower than reality. Therefore, the actual death rate will be much lower. For Thailand, the death rate has dropped from 1% at the beginning to less than 0.1% now, and even in normal people, it should not be different from flu.

2. Infection in humans There are many people who are expected to be more than 70% of the population. Just like in Thailand, we do our studies. More than 70% of the population has been found to be infected, or about more than 50 million people, and most of the population has received at least 2 doses of vaccine, no less than 80%, resulting in hybrid immunity. which can prevent infection better than vaccine alone or infection alone and proved to reduce the severity of disease regardless of mutation to XBB.1.5

3. Vaccines alone cannot prevent infection. At the same time, vaccines cause a higher level of immunity than infection, like mRNA vaccines, putting more pressure on the virus to escape the established antibodies for the survival of the virus itself. causing mutations throughout

In principle, according to evolution when there is pressure The virus tries to avoid it. Therefore, the very high immunity produced by the vaccine is not able to prevent infection at all. But the immune system in some systems helps to reduce the severity of the disease.

In conclusion, in our house More than 70% of the population are infected and more than 80% of the 2 doses of vaccination have been given, so most of the population has hybrid immunity. That can reduce the severity of the disease very well, although the new mutant XBB.1.5 is coming (now the main strain in America)

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