Look at the lucky numbers on the lid of the coffin. “Luang Pho Somboon”, 101 years old, famous guru Suphan, sleeps for fate

Lottery fans don’t miss the parade to look at the coffin lid numbers. “Luang Pho Somboon”, 101 years old, famous monk, Suphan Buri province, sleeps in a coffin to fate Sorrow, enhance fortune

Reporters reported that yesterday (1 May) at Lamphun Bong Temple, Nong Pho Subdistrict, Nong Ya Sai District, Suphan Buri Province, Mr. Prapat Phothasuthon, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Presiding over the 101 year old age ceremony, Phra Kru Suwan Thamanuyut or Luang Phor Somboon, Abbot of Lamphun Bong Temple. The famous monks of Suphan Buri Province the oldest

The disciples organized together There was a food banquet for 101 monks, 101 monks chanting the Buddha’s mantra, a large number of monks, government officials, local leaders and the public attended the ceremony to pay their respects.

After that, Luang Por Somboon lay down in the coffin to prosper, eliminating bad luck, enhancing his fortune for longevity. with the elder monks chanting the requiem for death chant a requiem It’s like dying and being born again.

But the excitement for those who attended the ceremony Many people flocked to see the lucky number on the lid of the coffin that Luang Por Somboon slept on for his destiny. Improve luck, enhance your fortune for longevity There was only one number on the lid of the coffin, which was number 2, but those who attended the ceremony saw that it was number 2, number 6, number 7 and number 9. They took their cell phones to take pictures of the numbers and keep them. Some have parked some numbers. To bring it to gamble in this period on May 2, 2022

At the event, there were people with Sritra mind who brought savory food and drinking water to the people who attended the auspicious age ceremony. Phrakhru Suwan Thamanuyut or Luang Phor Somboon, the abbot of Lamphunbong Temple To be able to eat for free throughout the event

There were officials of the VHV came to set up temperature check points for everyone who attended the ceremony. wear a mask Everyone wash their hands with alcohol gel. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, strictly follow the public health measures.

for the history of Phrakhru Suwanthamanuyut or Luang Por Somboon Piyathammo, Lamphun Bong Temple, the monk of Suphan Buri Province Born on May 3, 2465 AD, falls on the 1st day of the 6th lunar month, Year of the Dog, is a Thai of Lao descent.

Luang Pu Somboon is a Thera with great compassion. He is also humble and does not boast of his wonderful qualities. What is evident is the experience in your sacred objects. They were all testimony that he was too good. but he likes to keep his body like a normal monk

When a sacred object that disciples use is effective in alchemy, Singha is an amulet that is used to protect against various dangers. since ancient times It is also a superpower because the lion is known as the lord of the forest. Protect the owner from various evil things, change the brew, turn evil into good. counted as having you infinite Luang Pu’s lion is considered the best experience of the people in that area.

Chan Mak is famous for its fangs, tusks, and poisonous beasts. The villagers in that area are mostly farming. There are many times when I accidentally step on a snake. but they all said in one voice, “The snake opens its mouth,” that is, the cobra spreads its hood and snatches the villagers, but snatched it in such a way that its mouth was closed.

Many people brought the story to ask Luang Pu. But instead received an answer saying “Old snakes, they don’t have only”, meaning that those snakes are old. no fangs no teeth which can be seen as his humility His disciples all came to ask for his betel nut to cover the plastic. Let the children hang on the neck to prevent danger from the dog.

There are many people who have experiences to exchange every time when there is an annual event. The temple therefore produces more candy chan by collecting various sacred mass powders. along with the betel nut and robe

On the side of invulnerability This incident was recorded in the emergency room of Nong Ya Sai Hospital, Suphan Buri province. In January 2012, a 25-year-old male youth from Jang Ngam sub-district, Nong Ya Sai district, Suphan Buri province came to the hospital by ambulance and police. from Nong Ya Sai Police Station The incident took place at Samakkhitham House.

dispatcher and police Recounting the incident that 30 minutes before coming to the hospital while the wounded went on a gilded burial ceremony at Wat Samakkhitham Was shot by the other party using a shotgun in the center of the chest There are wounds spread all over the chest. After that, the wounded fell, sightseers and police at Nong Ya Sai police station. therefore taken to the hospital

On physical examination, the following injuries were found: The gunshot wound was 6 bruises near the left armpit. And the gunshot wound was 29 bruises spread over the center of the chest. In the neck, only Luang Por Somboon’s coin was found.

This is only part of Luang Pu Somboon’s prestige experience. It can be seen that the power of Luang Pu Somboon’s sacred objects is extraordinary. There is clear evidence