Home News Look at the number “Takhian Hian” to give luck for 8 consecutive draws. Listen to the story of “Goosebumps” from the villagers.

Look at the number “Takhian Hian” to give luck for 8 consecutive draws. Listen to the story of “Goosebumps” from the villagers.

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23 Nov 2021 5:42 a.m.

Look at the lucky number “Chao Mae Wang Takhian”, Dan Thap Tako Subdistrict, Chom Bueng District, Ratchaburi Province, is rumored to bring luck to the villagers for 8 consecutive draws, receiving almost the entire village Hear the cool story from the girl’s mouth. Revealed that he had been possessed to dance to offer sacrifices. Do not miss the lottery “Number C-Incense Fortune Telling”

On November 22, 64, reporters traveled to the area. Go to Chao Mae Wang Takhian Shrine. Dan Thap Tako Subdistrict, Chom Bueng District, Ratchaburi Province used to make the villagers in the area won the lottery, almost raised the village for 8 consecutive draws

From the questionnaire, Mr. Soonthorn Thepthit, 55 years old, villagers in the area tell me that Originally, this shrine was located in front of the monastery. until the new abbot will restore the area to be a tourist attraction therefore moved the court to the back And intends to set up a new shrine, therefore, the old court and various statues were dumped into the Phachi River. Showing anger, anger, and saying, “This isn’t right. Pediatrics have no place to live. must live in the trees” and ordered the establishment of a new teak shrine Ready to bring the old court and belongings dancing lady and pediatric statue all from the Phachi River They also perform sacrifices and give their daughters. which is the body that has been possessed to dance to worship properly until causing the villagers to panic in the whole village

Mr. Soonthorn continued that when the next morning, The villagers who heard the news gathered together to look at the old shrine and bring things up from the river. which was surprising because both the old court and its belongings are in place Not a single piece was lost or swept away by the current. Later, after the villagers and the abbot of the monastery in the area has made the ceremony to set up a new shrine as ordered by the goddess Causing villagers to almost raise the village to win lottery for 8 consecutive draws until villagers outside the area know the news They came to ask for a lot of lucky numbers. Most of the numbers are obtained by shaking the sium c. and lit the incense to guess the numbers After someone wins the wish lottery will bring flowers, incense sticks, candles, 9 bunches of garlands and various dance performances to vow But what the goddess likes the most is the green and red Thai dress.

Ms. Kotchakon Thepthit, 23, a girl who was possessed by the goddess, said that the day she possessed the body Around 2 am, he seemed to be asleep and had a stomachache. After that, she had no idea what she had done. I woke up again with a slight headache and stomachache. until his mother brought a clip that was taken while being possessed for them to see In which in the clip, he will have anger, loud noises, show signs of anger, displeasure, and order a new shrine ceremony. and let them dance on the day of sacrifice If he refuses to dance, the goddess will come back and tread on her stomach to cause pain.

Ms. Kotchakon also said that the day of the worship ceremony one must be a donor So I feel very worried. because he can’t dance and has never danced before But when the music is loud He didn’t realize that he was dancing or showing any gestures. Until the dance was finished, he came to realize and would cry. which after someone took the clip that was taken for you to see I was very shocked because the dance was very beautiful. Delicate style, as if not himself. until causing surprise to relatives including villagers because everyone knows he can’t dance and every time he came to this court It felt like someone was watching all the time. There are also many villagers. I used to take pictures with the shadow of a long-haired woman behind the tree as well.

Reporters reported that As for the atmosphere of asking for lucky numbers at Chao Mae Wang Takhian Chae The numbers obtained from shaking the siamci are numbers 18, 46, 438 and 952. The numbers obtained from burning incense sticks are numbers 52 and 514.

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