Look at the state welfare patents 2022, round 2, there are 4.5 million people who have passed rights.

Checking the right to register for the state welfare card 2022, the 2nd round, the Treasury reveals that there are 4.5 million people who have passed the rights from 5.15 million registered people.

Mr. Pornchai Thiravej, Director of the Fiscal Policy Office A spokesman for the Ministry of Finance revealed that on 23 September, 65 results were announced. “Registration status” of the state welfare card registration program 2022. The information of those who registered between 9-15 September 65 found that those who registered with the status showed the message “Registration status”. “The Ministry of Finance has received your registration information in full”, a total of 5,157,451 cases, and when checking the information with the Department of Provincial Administration, it was found that there are people who have passed the information check with the Department of Administration the Province. A total of 4,531,982 cases

From the registrants of such groups, checking the registration status will find a message that is “Registration complete status”, the group registrant does not need to do anything during this period by waiting for the result of the eligibility check again. Will publish the exam results of such qualifications during January 66

For the other 625,469 registered users who found the message that “Registration status is incomplete” because the registrant’s information does not match the Department of State Administration database. The system will display a message indicating the reason for incomplete registration as follows:

  • 1) Those who register as monks / novices / nuns
  • 2) The registrant’s information was not found.
  • 3) The identity of the registered person is incorrect. died or moved abroad or sold
  • 4) The registered person is not of Thai nationality.
  • 5) The registered person is under 18 or the date of birth format is incorrect.
  • 6) The registrant has a spouse
  • 7) The registrant informs the spouse’s information incorrectly.
  • 8) The registrant informs the complete number of children But the child’s ID card number is incorrect.
  • 9) The registrar who informs the number of children is not complete Check the number of children and the ID card number of each child.

registrants who have “registration status incomplete” can check the accuracy of the information at the district office / district office If the information is found to be incorrect, take corrective action to correct it.

If it is found that the registered information does not match the civil registration information, for example, the number of children under the age of 18 is greater than the information about the registered child Amend the information only at the registration agency where the registrar has submitted the form registration. and for those who register themselves through the website contact to change the information at any registration agency which must be completed by Thursday 3 November 65

For registered individuals who registered between 16-22 September 65, the registration status shows the message that “The Ministry of Finance has received your complete registration information” or registered individuals between 5-8 September 20 who have “status incomplete registration” and has corrected the information since 16. -22 September 65 can check the status of the registration from 30 September. 65 on through the website or to the agency. Register as an inspector by filling in a 13 digit ID number and date of birth.

Regarding the progress of the project registration for the year 2022 from 5-23 September 65 at 3:00 pm, there were 17,364,073 people registered, of which 9,536,201 were registered through the website and registered through ‘per unit The event receives a registration of 7,827,872 people The number of registered people above is only the number of registered participants in the project, but they must be checked for qualifications according to the project. once again

In addition, the registration under the project in 2022 is an individual registration. (registrant) and verify the individual and the family The first step is to verify the eligibility of the registrant according to the specified qualifications (personal criterion). The family criteria will be reviewed. (In the case of a spouse or children), who, if it is found that the registrant does not pass the family examination, will be considered ineligible. And those who register will not be entitled to the project. The public can see the details of the project implementation. More on the website https://state welfare card.mof.go.th or https://welfare.mof.go.th

for the implementation of the State Welfare Registration Program It is implemented under the Civil State Welfare Act for the Foundations of Economy and Society BE Increase the potential for low income people to have a better life as well as support projects that provide social services to r people This will solve problems and develop the economy to be sustainable. This project is important in allocating welfare to people, especially low income people. Reduce the burden and ease the daily costs of low income people to be able to live equally The project has been proven from the past that it is a project. which is really beneficial and can help low income people The Ministry of Finance hopes that the project will continue to be able to help and benefit the low income people.

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