Lookism, a popular Korean webpoon It is being adapted into an animated series, coming to Netflix on November 4.

This is another good news that creates a lot of buzz among webtoon pan fans Appearance A popular Korean wetoon is made into an animation. by the manufacturer Mir Studio Get ready to vent Netflix On the 4th of November

On September 25, the Netflix has announced that it has confirmed that the webtoon Appearance aired in animation form Along with the official teaser released for all the fans to get excited

Korean webtoon look

Appearance It is an action webpoon. tell a story about Hyung Suk Park An ugly boy with a fat figure, poor stature, not very competitive, and often bullied by his friends at school. He has always lived as a loser. But one day, an unexpected event happened when Hyung Suk Park awoke in the form of a young man with good looks, height and great strength. In any case, those outward appearances seemed completely different from their original form. which after the events of that time He decided to use this body to start over. and live in such a way that he no longer has to fear anyone

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It is well known that the Korean webtoon Appearance works of Park the writer Tae Joon That has had a tremendous response from fans since 2015 until the popularity has transferred to this web-site which can continue the story for more than 7 years to the present. With a story that is intense, fierce, and can also be a painful reflection of Korean society. It is no wonder that this webgun continues to receive the love of fans. With a guaranteed score of more than 9.8 points and has a number of readers up to 464.8 million views, so the webtoon. Appearance is made into an animation of the same name. creating great excitement among the fans

Lookism’s official teaser can be seen in the video clip below.

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