Looks like a kid has a heart to give! How can Liverpool win Jude Bellingham?

How can Liverpool bring Jude Bellingham into the team next season?

1. Mental issues ‘look like’ they will have for the Reds. Observe from the eyes of Steven Gerrard and his relationship with the Liverpool players in the England national team, and they tell me so!!!

2. Now, let’s talk about money.

It is expected that the value of the young player Singha should be more than 100 million pounds due to his young age. Otherwise, if Dortmund had to be sold, it would be deadly.

Ask if Liverpool have that much money???

The answer is ‘Misey’, why not? It depends on whether the team owner will suffer or not. Which is not certain, sir.

The script will throw. They are all crazy too.

Because if they don’t throw in, they won’t be able to compete with Manchester City and Real Madrid.

3. The Reds should play in the Champions League

If next season he fails to play in the big European cup He might lose a lot of attraction points because ‘Jude’ is not ‘Pee Kasemwirot’ who said, when he moved to Manchester United, that he didn’t care. Because you won the European Championship until you were bored, hahaha

4. Show ambition

Liverpool need new blood transfusions After the original set of players started to go into decline

Then you have to show your ambition for the children to see. by buying new players to replace many old players especially in midfield

don’t let him carry himself

5. The manager must be Jürgen Klopp.

Let’s say at the end of this season, they are not in the top four and suddenly Jurgen Klopp is so bored that he decides to ‘resign’ from his position.

And let’s say that the new manager of the Reds is Steven Gerrard.

Maybe ‘Jude’ didn’t want to come. Because it’s a different story with admiration until the eyes are greasy.

Boss Bu