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“L’Oreal Paris” makeup and “Essie” withdraw from Japan | WWD JAPAN

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L’OREAL Japan announced the make-up business of “L’OREAL PARIS” and the withdrawal of nail brand “ESSIE” from Japan. Domestic sales will end by the end of the year. The hair care and hair color business of “L’Oreal Paris” will continue. The decision was made while demand for makeup was stagnant due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

The company said, “In 2020, the world, including Japan, will face an unexpected crisis of the spread of coronavirus infection, and consumers will be forced to change in many aspects such as people’s daily lives, values, and lifestyles. Even under such circumstances, we were able to put the hair care and hair color category of “Loreal Paris” on a growth track. However, in the face of such market environment and consumption trends, In order to ensure the sustainable growth of each brand, we have decided that it is necessary to restructure the portfolio and further concentrate the limited management resources. ” ing.

“L’Oreal Paris” landed in Japan in 1969 and has been deployed in Japan for over 50 years. On the other hand, “Essie” started selling in Japan in 2014. Both brands have been developed at drug stores and variety shops, and have been driving the trend of Western makeup brands. However, in addition to the new coronavirus, it was greatly affected by the recent popularity of Korean and Chinese makeup.


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