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Lose but win hearts!! Chiang Rai defeated Chun Buk 1-2, the first match of AFC Champions League

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Chunbuk VS Singha Chiang Rai 2-1 | “Guangsong Great Disaster” tries to fight The game image is not very inferior. But in the end, he could not fight the veteran of Chunbuk Hyundai, the K-League championship team, before Singha Chiang Rai lost 1-2 in the first match of the AFC Cup. Champions League Group H in Uzbekistan

AFC football Champions League 2021

Chunbuk Hyundai 2-1 Singha Chiang Rai

football match AFC Champions League 202First match of Group H on Friday 25 June Chunbuk Hyundai Motors The South Korean K-League champion team enters the field to meet with “Guangsong Maha” Singha Chiang Rai United The game was played at Lokomotiv Stadium, Uzbekistan.

Start the game as Chun Buk, who has more ball possession. But there was no finishing stroke. Until the 26th minute, the chance to win the first goal of the game will occur and it is the chance of Singha Chiang Rai when defender Thanasak Srisai fills the game. and shines far from outside the penalty area The ball flew off the pole in a win-win.

In the 31st minute, Chun Buk got a chance to win some from Apirak Worawong, an outpost of Chiang Rai. try to cut the ball But couldn’t reach the ball so it arrived. Cho Hee Won headed at the second pole. but the ball does not match

GOAL!! Then, in the 36th minute, Chun-buk got a 1-0 lead from the ball on the left side. Chiang Rai defenders knocked out the ball into the way Takahiro Kunimoto continued to tackle. Lee Seung Gi Volley with the left in the center of the penalty area The ball hit the corner decisively.

In the 44th minute, Chun-buk almost got the second goal from the moment Gustavo made a quick jump for Kim Seungdae to slip into the penalty area. And hit the ball past Apirak, but there was also a Brinner who followed narrowly cleared the ball out of the back. finish the first half Chunbuk is still leading 1-0.

GOAL!! Back on the field in the second half Shunbuk got a penalty when Sanukarn Tinjom crashed into Takahiro Kunimoto and fell in the penalty area. Gustavo Brazilian striker Killed in without fail Helped the K-League champions escape to 2-0 in the 52nd minute.

57 minutes, Chiang Rai got some wins from the rhythm that Siwakorn Tiatrakul had pressed with a focus on the left. penalty area area But not through the hands of the gatekeeper Lee Bumyoung, who can brush away.

GOAL!! 68 minutes, Chiang Rai came to shoot and hit the egg successfully when Chotiphat Phumkaew penetrated into the right penalty area. before opening, slipping into the middle Chunbuk’s defensive line made a mistake. The ball fell into the feet, Ekanit Panya shot at the net. The score was followed by 1-2.

Then in the 70th minute, the Guangsong team almost equalized when Bill Rocimar slipped alone to pull the ball through the goalkeeper Chun Buk, but the final stroke. The bloody Samba striker fired the ball through the front of the goal. Sadly narrowed the pole away.

The rest of the time, Chiang Rai tried to set up the game to attack, hoping to score an equalizer in the 89th minute. Chotiphat Phumkaew opened the ball from the right side into the penalty area. But the ball was not in the right place. Before the game ended, Chunbuk Hyundai defeated Singha Chiang Rai 2-1, leaving no Thai club to win after Port Authority and Ratchaburi Mitr Phol lost earlier as well, with BG Pathum United remaining at Will enter the field against Kaya FC from the Philippines. On Saturday, June 26

List of 11 starting players on the field

Jeonbuk Hyundai : Lee Bum Young, Lee Young, Hong Jung Ho, Goo Jar Young, Choi Heewon, Choi Young Joon, Modu Barrow, Kim Seung Dae, Lee Seung Gi, Takahiro Kunimoto , Gustavo

Singha Chiang Rai : Apirak Worawong, Chinnaphat Leeow, Brinner Enrique, Wasan Homsaen, Thanasak Srisai, Cho Jihoon, Phithiwatt Sukchitthamkun, Sanukarn Tinchom, Siwakorn Tiatrakul, Felipe Amorim, Bill Rocimar

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