Loss of 150 million won is certified… Celltrion’s Tears of Shareholders Park Eui-myeong Fire Ant Rescue Team

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The share price of Celltrion has returned to the level of 160,000 won after returning all its gains over the past two years. Even the 200,000 won, the psychological resistance line of the ants, was broken. But experts are still giving analysis that the bottom is not certain. Among the ants, there is a saying, “I have no money to buy anymore.”

On the 21st, Celltrion closed at 163,500 won, down 0.91%. This is less than half the level of last year’s high of 380,000 won. The market capitalization also decreased to 22.55 trillion won, falling to 14th place in the stock market. The market cap evaporated over the past year has reached 30 trillion won.

The recent deepening of the downtrend is analyzed to be related to the Osstem Implant embezzlement case. It is said that when fund sellers one after another stopped new subscriptions to funds containing Osstem Implant, bio managers started to stop losing ‘problem bio stocks’ similar to Osstem Implant.

Celltrion is being investigated by the financial authorities regarding allegations of accounting fraud. It is known that the Financial Services Commission will start supervision (accounting) on ​​Celltrion as early as next month. Fund managers believe that accounting fraud is a possible delisting issue in the worst case.

An official from the securities industry said, “There is a growing atmosphere among managers to sell Celltrion altogether rather than worrying about stopping sales for one item.”

It is a high-risk situation, but growth is slowing down. In 2021, operating profit is expected to increase by only 7.23% as Rekkorina, a treatment for COVID-19, does not sell as expected. It is pointed out that this year’s operating profit is expected to increase by 18% compared to the previous year, but it is insufficient to meet expectations.

As the downtrend continues, ants’ losses are snowballing. The loss of new investors at the end of last year exceeded 20% in just one month. In the social media blinds of office workers, there was also a post from Celltrion employees who invested 300 million won in Celltrion Healthcare and recorded a 51% loss.

Now, there is talk of running out of money to drink water. Institutions net sold 220.9 billion won this year, but individuals only bought 74.2 billion won. It is an analysis that it is different from the past of ‘storm buying’ under 200,000 won. One Celltrion shareholder said, “I have no energy to curse because I’m out of my mind now.”

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