Loss of contact, search for 6 people in progress… At this time, the scene of the accident

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It starts with the breaking news of the collapse of the outer wall of a residential and commercial apartment complex in Gwangju.

A search operation to find the six missing persons has begun this afternoon.

As a result of the building diagnosis, it was concluded that there was no problem for the rescue team to enter directly.

Let’s connect from the ground up.

Reporter Jeong Sang-bin, it’s getting dark, but is the search still ongoing?

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The search has now been halted again as the sun goes down and it gets too dark.

The search operation, which was interrupted last night, resumed this afternoon.

Safety inspections using drones, etc. started this morning.

As a result, it was concluded that there was no problem with the rescue team entering the interior from the basement to the top and conducting a direct search operation.

At 11:50 a.m., six search dogs and manpower entered and conducted an internal search up to the 38th floor.

It is known that some rescue dogs in the area from the 26th to the 28th floor inside the building showed a weak specific reaction.

There was hope that the missing people could be found, but rescuers were unable to get close because there were too many large concrete debris and obstacles inside the building, and the collapse point was in a dangerous state like a cliff.

Since the conditions inside are very poor, fire officials believe that the search can be carried out by mobilizing extra-large cranes and lifting debris little by little.

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A tower crane is standing precariously at the top of the building, and the bus terminal is right in front of the apartment.

There must be some workaround.

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Yes. Currently, the tower crane connected to the building has a part called ‘bracing’ that holds the building and the crane apart.

As a result, you can see the tower crane leaning toward the building.

The 145-meter-tall crane fell or collapsed, raising concerns about a secondary accident.

Since there is a possibility of a tower crane collapsing in the area where the missing person is supposed to be, the safety check conducted this morning concluded that the crane should be dismantled.

For this purpose, a super-large tower crane is scheduled to be transported here tomorrow from Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do.

The full-scale dismantling work is expected to start around the 16th.

So far, this is Jung Sang-bin from MBC News at the site of the Gwangju collapse.

Video coverage: Lee Jeong-hyeon (Gwangju)

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