‘Lost Bird’ Koyote Shinji, “The most feared celebrity, Kim Jong-min”… Why is Kim Jong-min afraid?

[SBS연예뉴스 | 김효정 에디터] Shinji revealed that Kim Jong-min is the scariest celebrity.

On SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ (hereafter referred to as ‘My Little Old Boy’), broadcast on the 8th, Shinji Koyote appeared as a special MC and drew attention.

On this day’s broadcast, Seo Jang-hoon introduced Shinji as a representative of the entertainment industry. In response, Shinji said, “I don’t think I can deny it.” “My parents wanted me to give up music, get married, and live a comfortable life when I was in my late 30s.

And Shinji asked what he thought of Kim Jong-min, who said that 4 Shinji was scarier than 4 members of the Payback Expedition.

Shinji said, “I can’t see them often, and I’m always by my side, so when I make a mistake, I personally rebuke and correct it, so I think I’m much more scared .”

He continued, “I think we fear each other the most because we’ve seen each other the most angry.”

In response, Movers asked when Kim Jong-min became angry. Shinji said, “I don’t get angry. But I do get angry when I ask, “Why are you angry?” He said, “I keep piling on and he explodes at very trivial things.”

And Shinji pointed out by saying honestly, “I know he’s very angry, so when my brother gets angry, I’ll stay calm. If I say one wrong word, it will be a big deal.”