Lost by Rockers Web in 2019

We are looking back on the musicians, producers and other industry figures who died in 2019 in the gallery below.

The year had just started Pegi Young, who was married to him Neil Young from 1978 to Divorce 2014, died. As well as a back-up of some of his records and tours, she co-founded the Bridge School to meet the educational needs of her son Ben, who has large cerebral palsy.

Joe Hardy and Clydie King They may not have family names, but that their work was heard all over the world. Hardy was a producer and engineer who made records with artists Alice Cooper, the satellites of Georgia and the Replacementbut he is best known for his 35-year collaboration ZZ Top began with stained 1983 Eliminator. King was a very confident back-up singer who lent her gospel-trained voices to those classes. Lynne Skynyrd"Sweet Home Alabama" and the Current Stones“Tumblin 'Dice,” and recorded and went on tour all over the world; 80s with him Bob Dylan. She died on January 7 and Hardy died on 12 February.

In the first two months of 2019 two men lost the way we listen to music. Alan R. Pearlman, who died on January 6, founded ARP Instruments, which emerged in the early 70s as synthesis worked in rock music. Jim Dunlop Sr. Dunlop Manufacturing, who is known for their guitar accessories, including picks, strings and pedals, has been established. He died on 6 February.

Learn more about their lives and others below.


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