Lost Grove, Sushi Shack to open the combined article in Boise, ID

Since homes began to grow up in the Barber Valley area, the number of restaurants remained low. For more than ten years, only Lucky 13 Pizza and Ben Crow were serving people who were looking for a meal north of the river and east of Table Rock. (And closed Inn Inn Ben).

Now there is a sushi room and tasting new beer on the tap at 3724 S. Eckert. Lost Lost Sushi Bar + Flavoring room has been installed to convert space to Eckert Rd. just south of Lucky 13. It's right the next door The STIL ice cream is currently under construction.

New food, drink and treatment hub on the east side of Boise

Congratulations Sushi at Cordry's Jack Jacob's Lost Grove Brewing.

“We're making a beer bar and sushi bar. So we are collaborating with Lost Grve Brewing and Sushi Shack, ”said Dylan Cordry with Sushi Shack. “There's so much more needed in the east.”

This idea echoes Lost Grove. He said Lucky 13, who is right next door, is iconic, but he hopes they can contribute to the offers.

“I think everyone needs something else and gives them another grip,” he said. “We were looking at some other areas, and I always love the Green Belt and that side of town. It seemed more appropriate for us at this time.

Cordry said that the site is very important – drawing from all the residences, but also people enjoying hot Boise spots. It is adjacent to the traditional drop-in spot for Boise River rafters, as well as the Shakespeare Idaho Festival and the Greenbelt in the Boise River.

He said they will work with The STIL who are currently almost finished the same door on Eckert Rd. near Warm Springs Ave.

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“I think we will see lots of people who want to ride bikes to that area. It is a nice area after rafting, before rafting or after the lake. People want a nice place to have to go – you can just go from Lucky Peak to get some ice cream, sushi and beer. ”

A patio will be part of the restaurants in Eckert Street, for use by patrons of the three businesses.

The location and the offer

Cordry and its partners at Lost Grove are working to make a unique environment suitable for the area.

“When you walk in there will be a very cold environment – a skeleton of a boat hanging up in the rails,” said Cordry. “When you see the beer bar you have to see this gondola thing – almost like a shed / shaking.”

“We want to expand our customers,” Black said. “If we can join in and drink in our atmosphere and want our products, it is better to give our name.”

[[[[The Switchback hopes to give the Barber Valley, Boise a summer meeting place]

Cordry said that he thinks his product stands for anyone at home.

“Hiroshi (Parrish), our chef has been doing this for 15 years. He is an artist, ”said Cordry. He noted that Shack's Sushi cleaned in Boise Weekly's Best of Boise in sushi, catering and food categories. The winners of this competition are expected later this month.

Sushi Shack will focus on the front of the house as it opens – it is expected by 1 August.

“It will be great for us. He says that it will give many people an opportunity to know where we are and to try to offer what we have to offer, he said.

Lost Grove will continue to operate its main production facility and tasting room in the Lusk Boise Area.

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