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lost money from account card information snatched Bad things are being sold on the Dark web. Tips on how to prevent them.

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this point Bank of Thailand (BOT) Has come out to clarify that the bank app does not suck money out But it’s a debit card payment. or the customer’s credit card Mostly caused by transactions for payment of goods and services with online stores registered in foreign countries The card issuing bank will immediately suspend the card with unusual transactions and take care of the customer.

Until recently, Mr. Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society It provided information in the same way as the Bank of Thailand and confirmed that credit and debit card information was not leaked from the bank or the skill of “hackers”.

on cybersecurity issues Thairath Online Special News Team had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Komen Piboonrot, a specialist in computer security Has solved the reason for secretly debiting money from the account. It is interesting that credit cards and debit cards are different. “Debit cards” when used will debit the money in the account at all. credit card part no matter what the cost The first person to pay is the bank. The bank will bear the risk. If we can prove that we are not spending, we can refuse to pay.

the problem is that When we link an account to use online services We will use 16 numbers on the front of the card and 3 numbers on the back of the card to link the account for convenience. There are 2 types of deductions which are deducted by permission and automatic deductions. Which deduction in small increments … will be able to deduct money at all without SMS notifications This kind of deduction is the source of the deduction (sucking out) in small increments of 37 baht or 34 baht.

The reason for the money was stolen because the card number may have been stolen unknowingly.

Computer security experts revealed that the reason why our credit and debit card numbers, both 16 digits in front and 3 on the back of the card, fell into other people’s hands. There are many cases

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1. Was secretly photographed the front and back of the card number during shopping

Dr. Komen gave an example that clearly sees the picture, such as refueling. When we hand him a credit or debit card, how do we know that the pump boy? Do not secretly take photos. same as Handing out the card to the store employee or buy things at various places We will escape from secretly taking numbers on both the front and back of the card.

2. Dropping out of online shopping

online shopping Must let us put the front and back numbers as well. Whether it’s booking hotels, airlines or even various online stores. After we buy these services He will keep all our information, name, surname, front number and back number of the card.

“When there is a lot of trading He will have a lot of information. By using this service, it is possible that…the information here may be lost. This is different from the first one, which is that a lot of time has dropped off.”

The reason for secretly cutting the money in small increments…because there is no notification

Dr. Gomen went on to say that when a group of criminals You have already received your credit or debit card number. He will use it to buy things online. especially filling the game We will see the number cutting 34 baht or 37 baht because it is the foreign currency rate.

“When we go shopping There will be a trial cut system, for example, some companies will ask the bank to cut a small amount first, for example, cut 99 cents (in our house, we have a 1 baht trial). that the bank may not come to check or not send SMS because it cuts a small amount Therefore, it has become a channel for deduction of money at 37 baht each time.”

Dr. Gomen went on to explain thatRa must understand that If there is a deduction of such a small amount and send SMS every time, the bank can’t handle it. Because one day may have to send millions of SMS. On the other hand, if something happens to your account You never know But most of the damage is done to debit cards. because the money in the account will be lost because the money was pulled out

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The question is, when the money goes out, “bank” can check where it went. The answer is “yes” but… And will I be able to withdraw the money back? Dr. Garnet says yes, because it’s your money related to the bank. But you have to collect evidence, file a complaint, and have to check with the bank. And most of the banks have insurance about the “user” is not the “actor”.

what happened There is also a chance to get a refund. But … some banks may take a long time. Because he had to talk to the insurance company on this matter, the Bankers’ Association, Bank of Thailand and customers must work together to find a solution.

“Refund Of course, it’s not quick to please the victim. All of them will be faster or slower. It depends on the bank.” Dr. Gomen reiterated

lost card data path difficult to verify It may also be sold on the Dark Web.

Computer security experts say it can be difficult to verify the path of dropped data. Because when we do transactions, we do many places, except that we take the list of all victims to speculate that these victims do the same thing, such as buying tickets for the same airline. If this is the case, it can be estimated that come out of the same place

But..the information has been leaked. Reached the hands of the crooks These data may be sold on the dark web, of course, these data may be sold at a high price. which we cannot go wrong because we do not have a law to protect

Dr. Komen states that if there is this Act The person who collects your information must maintain it very well. because if something happens He will be able to prosecute. If it is proven that it was leaked from one company, on the other hand, if we know that your data has been leaked and sold on the dark web, what can we do? But when there is no law regulating can’t do anything

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The best way to protect “Don’t let it slip away” requires the utmost caution.

For the preventative approaches that Dr. Komen recommends are:

1. Credit and debit cards must always be in sight.
2. Do not link accounts with risky service providers. It is possible to do anything related to finance, it should be done one at a time. Send OTP every time, especially to top up the game. It is considered a high-risk service.
3. If possible, do not use a debit card to link the account. Because the money has been lost, it will be difficult to return it.
4. Close the number on the back of your credit and debit card. We may find something to cover or scrape off, but before scratching remember to write it somewhere else or remember the number.

As for the security of banking apps, Dr. Komen emphasizes on accessibility. should be accessed from a mobile phone signal It should not be accessed via public Wifi because data may be intercepted.

However, the banking app is considered a secure app. Because the bank will always have security checks. And the chances of getting hacked are harder. because there is a protection system

In the end, Dr. Gomen reminded everyone that Now we are living in the Cashless Society era, which is convenient and fast, but it comes with risks. that everyone has a chance to get their data stolen Secretly stealing money, so we need to know how to protect ourselves. The person who got our card number I don’t know if he treats it like we do or not. Especially the number on the back of your credit card, debit card, if you don’t want anyone to see it, find something to close. Or scrape it away…

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