“Lots of glass ceilings…” Sharon Stone, who collapsed from a stroke and cerebral haemorrhage and ‘absorbed’, expressed unity and support by emphasizing ‘diversity’

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Sharon Stone in a still from the film ‘Basic Instinct’. ⓒGetty Images, J&C Media Group Inc., Joy & Cinema Inc.

Sharon Stone, who collapsed in 2001 from a stroke and brain haemorrhage, had a 1 per cent chance of survival. However, he miraculously survived, and later “recovered for seven years, but has not been able to work since.” This was due to Hollywood’s bias against health issues.

The Hollywood Reporter hosted a ‘Raise Our Voices’ dinner on May 31 to discuss diversity and accessibility. Sharon Stone spoke about issues of diversity, equality and inclusion in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone said, “I didn’t want to tell anyone at first because it’s normal to get kicked out (in the industry) if something goes wrong. That’s how I’ve been kicked out for 20 years.” Sharon Stone, once a huge star, was stigmatized as someone with a health problem and was forgotten from people’s memories at some point.

Sharon Stone at the 2023 Hollywood Reporter Dinner. ⓒGetty Images
Sharon Stone at the 2023 Hollywood Reporter Dinner. ⓒGetty Images

Sharon Stone is starting to speak out for her rights. He said, “I broke a lot of glass ceilings above my head,” and continued, “Honestly, it hurts. The process of making money hurts. Fighting studio bosses hurts.” There was also a conflict with the production company regarding the production of the film trailer and the contract. Stone recalled that fighting for himself “caused a lot of trouble in the industry,” and that the work was further reduced when he spoke.

Although his film appearances were few and far between, he never completely abandoned his acting career. Sharon Stone continued to appear in television dramas, including ‘Flight Attendant’ on HBO. Sharon Stone, who has called her journey a “diversity issue”, emphasized that the industry needs more people with different views, realizing that minority voices in Hollywood are so easily ignored.

Sharon Stone continued to be a voice of unity like that. “Diversity deals with more than one issue. Diversity can be an injury, it can be the color of your skin, it can be a process of representing yourself. If you have any of that diversity, you have a right in the this industry,” he said. he said. ,” and said, “It’s important that the diversity that you have is not erased by the bullshit that is rampant in America.”

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