Lots of noise, little participation

Lots of noise, little participation


A rally was held in the center of Detroit on June 13, 2019 to support security guards. Many of the people in the rally were unionist guards.
JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press

Planned walks and strike Thursday at private non-consolidated security guards in Bedrock owned buildings in the center of Detroit gave great support from the streets, but little involvement from the security workers.

Most of the security guards remained in post and worked their regular changes, according to their employer, SecurAmerica located in Atlanta, which is the main security contractor in the city center for Bedrock real estate firm Dan Gilbert.

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Aleia Lockeridge, 20, of Detroit, joins the Union's International Employees Local Service 1, in close co-operation with uninvited security guards in Bedrock owned buildings in the center of Detroit in front of the Detroit center Ally building after a planned walk and strike. Thursday, June 13, 2019. SEIU announced the strike, which is trying to organize the workers and help them push $ 15 per hour to push. (Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press)

SecurAmerica says that it employs 340 security guard for nearly 100 Downtown Detroit properties, and only 16 of them were working to enter the strike Thursday. A further five police officers who were not scheduled to work the company strike notices, according to a spokesperson.

Local Service Body International Employees 1 announced the 1 day strike, which is looking to organize the security guards and help them get $ 15 hourly pay.

The Gardaí are currently paid between $ 11 and $ 13 per hour, according to SEIU, which means that many of them must have a second job to earn a good living.

A large crowd of around 150 took part in a protest town organized by SEIU to support the security guards.

Among the central rally along Woodward, one block from Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, many Detroit jurors were agreed with SEIU Local 1 last three years contract in July with $ 15 pay per hour negotiated with a number of specialized companies.

Janitor Markita Blanchard said she is determined to prove that downtown security workers, if they can win wages.

“Last year, we had a fight for my contract, which added to 15,” said Blanchard. "So today I speak to support the security guards as they have a chance to get a path to 15 as well. We are all working fairly here in Detroit city."


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Only two security guards spoke at the rally. A local official of SEIU 1 said that many of the gardaí are keeping a low profile because they may be exempt from SecurAmerica.

SEIU called for an unfair labor practice strike which would prevent an employer from permanently participating or replacing the workers taking part. Labor law gives certain protections to non-compromise employees who object to work issues.

It is unclear whether the union organization will succeed. On Thursday mornings, security guards at a number of Bedrock buildings said that they and most of their colleagues came to work and did not take part in the strike.

"We are here and we work," said one guard.

"I don't think they got the numbers," another guard said SecurAmerica would not give his name, referring to participation in the planned walks.

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Union workers and non-collateral workers collect for a rally in front of the Ally building in the center of Detroit after a planned walk and strike Thursday, June 13, 2019, by private non-consolidated security guards at Bedrock owned buildings in the middle. Detroit. Local Service Body International Employees 1 announced the strike, which is trying to organize the workers and help them push $ 15 per hour. (Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press)

Another guard, who refused to give her name for fear of inflaming tension in the workplace, said that she and many other guards are in her 20s building and taking college classes, and do not look at their security guard jobs as long-term careers. .

That is why she said she did not walk from the job on Thursday.

"It's not important to me because I'm just a student," said the guard, who works in One Woodward Avenue building.

The security guard Darian Stevens, 22, of Warren was among those who made a break to join the strike.

Stevens said that while his hourly wage jumped from $ 10.50 to $ 12 last summer when SecurAmerica replaced Securitas as a bedrock security contractor in the city center, he and his colleagues are still struggling.

Stevens said, that the bus to Detroit usually takes as work as an unarmed desktop security officer, that his current wage is $ 12.50 per hour. Armed guards pay higher wages, he said.

"It is very hard to try to achieve only income," he said. “I feel that we are doing more than just getting the job we do, putting ourselves at risk.

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