Lotte “Hiromitsu Ochiai” 36-year-old veteran “rare practice” is “not an ordinary baseball player” | Full-Count

Lotte Ogino’s batting practice is a hot topic “Mysterious practice menu that ordinary baseball players do not do”

Lotte Takashi Ogino’s batting practice during the voluntary training has become a hot topic. The official Twitter of the team has released a video of a veteran who hits the machine. Fans are paying attention to “Tell me what your intentions are” and “Wow, Hiromitsu Ochiai”.

It’s a strange hitting practice. Ogino hits a slow ball back with a liner, but the way he hits it is really unfamiliar. After taking steps in the turn at bat and following through, the front of the body is completely visible to the pitcher. The team Twitter explained, “Takashi Ogino hitting a slow ball from the pitcher side. It seems to be a practice that is conscious of how to use the body.”

From the followers, “Takashi Ogino basically has a lot of mysterious practice menus that ordinary baseball players do not do, so please take a look. Lol” “Video that Ogino is condensed …” “To myself I think he’s the most amazing person who is thinking about a suitable practice method. “

Last season, his 13th year as a professional, he participated in all games for the first time and won the title of the most hits and the stealing king. Some people expected as a coach, “I’m really worried about what kind of results will be achieved when I remain as a coach in the future.”

[Watch the actual video]Lotte Ogino’s “rare practice” that fans also called for “I want you to see it”




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