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Lotte is outstanding, Seibu and Ham are disappointing Did the Pacific League 6 teams succeed in reinforcement? | Full-Count

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Hirano contributed as a guardian deity to the leader Orix, but foreigner reinforcement did not occur

There are only a few pennant races left in 2021. Although Lotte is in second place in the Pacific League, Magic 7 has finally turned on for the first time in 51 years, and the battle for victory is finally on the brink. The 2021 season, in which each team has digested more than 130 games so far due to the corona disaster. So, did the reinforcement strategies of the Pa 6 teams work before the opening and during the season?

○ Orix
Yoshihisa Hirano (42 trials 1 win 3 losses 26S4H defense 2.31)
Nokami Atsushi (26 trials 0 wins 0 losses 2S5H defense 4.03)
Stefen Romero (20 trials 77 strokes 13 hits 3 runs 9 points .169)
Glenn Sparkman (5 trials 0 wins 1 loss 0S0H defense 7.31)
Rangel Ravelo (no 1st army participation)
Cesar Vargas (5 trials 1 win 1 loss 0S1H defense 11.00)

Orix, who runs in the lead, has returned to Hirano and marked 26 saves as a guardian deity. Nomi also pitched in 26 games as a middleman. On the other hand, it is struggling to reinforce foreigners. Romero left the group in the middle of the season because his family could not come to Japan. Sparkman, Vargas, who joined on the way, did not lead to results easily. Ravelo, who was expected to strengthen the batting line, broke in the 2nd army battle that he was participating in for adjustment, and left without being able to debut in the 1st army.

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○ Lotte
Adeiny Hechavaria (70 trials 183 strokes 38 hits 4 runs 24 points .208)
Kuniyoshi Yuki (22 trials, 2 wins and 0 losses, 2S14H, 1.64 defense)
Kato Takumi (50 tries, 90 hits, 8 hits, 1 book, 3.089)
Enny Romero (4 trials 1 win 0 defeat 0S0H defense 1.54)
Tetsuya Kokubo (7 trials, 18 strokes, 1 hit, 2 points, .056)

Lotte who turned on Magic is probably one of the teams that succeeded in reinforcing this season. Hechabaria has a low batting average, but he often saves the team with his superhuman defense, and Kuniyoshi, who won the trade, plays an active part in the final game as a set upper. Takuma Kato has also been appointed as a regular catcher because of his defensive aspects. It is an impression that the reinforcement was done accurately.

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