Lottery neck. Luang Pu Saeng gives luck at the first prize, Sorayut Ng. Thank you for posting lucky numbers to make you rich.

Lottery neck hey “Luang Pu Saeng” gives luck at the first prize, while fans of the story program thanked “Sorrayut” for posting lucky numbers to make them rich.

After the lottery Government lottery results for the period of May 16, 2022, which the 1st prize is 155012, the last 2 digits of the prize are 06.

Recently, today, the morning story program, Channel 3, reported that Luang Pu Saeng Yanwaro’s disciple had been hailed after finding that in front of the entrance of Wat Pa Aranyawiwek, Kai Kham Subdistrict, Mueang District, Amnat Charoen Province, there was a Thammachak and a sign number 21. Among 12, many people bring numbers to gamble. It also corresponds to the number that Luang Pu Saeng came back to remember the temple at Wat Pa Aranyawiwek on May 12, which made this event quite a lot of luck.

While Mr. Sorayut Suthasanachinda, the famous news program host, was shocked when he found that many fans of the program came to post thanking himself. After posting a picture with Independence Keng, which has a time on top at 06.12 am, as well as someone saying that the Channel 3 calendar shown on the show is seen as the number 06 as well