Lotus aims for zero carbon emissions, joins hands with Altervim to open electric vehicle charging stations across Thailand

Lotus responds to the Bangkok Goals on the BCG Economy, driving the Bangkok goals on the BCG economy from the APEC Summit The goal is in line with Lotus’s sustainability policy. which focuses on operating on the basis of sustainability in all dimensions of the business

Recently, hand in hand with Altervim to build an electric vehicle charging station, Altervim Super Charge, pinning Lotus in 100 branches. trial at the flagship SMART Lotus North Ratchaphruek Community Centre before moving on to another Lotus branch in Bangkok And many provinces such as Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Rayong, Kanchanaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, Hat Yai, connect travel throughout Thailand.
Benjawan Ongsri Ms Executive Director of Shopping Centers and Rental Areas, Lotus, said, “As Lotus announced its sustainability policy ‘Vision 2030. Actions every day’ which covers environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainable development, together with a business plan that consistent with the goals of Bangkok On the BCG economy (Bangkok Goals on the BCG Economy) that the leaders of the APEC economic zone jointly approved at the previous meeting. covering climate change management Driving carbon emissions to zero Sustainable trade and investment Sustainable natural resource management and waste management

“Lotus as a leading organization in Thai retail There is a commitment to help drive this goal as well. Lotus has announced its aim to become a carbon neutral organization (Carbon Neutral) by 2030. and to become an organization with net zero greenhouse gas emissions (Net Zero) by 2050. which has action plans to achieve various goals Including reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions”

Opened at Lotus North Ratchaphruek as the first branch
Lotus has partnered with Altervim to launch an electric vehicle charging station (EV Station) Altervim Super Charge trialled at Lotus North Ratchaphruek to support clean energy and facilitate customers shopping at Lotus to be able to charge their electric cars. The aim is to open 100 electric vehicle charging stations at the Lotus branch in Bangkok. and to major cities and continue to expand the service of electric car charging stations at Lotus branches throughout Thailand in the future This will mean that Lotus will be the first Thai retailer to have the largest and most comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging stations in the country . Aiming to be a leader in clean energy retail and the SMART Community Centre, a center for smart living in the community. that use electric cars It is a trend that is gaining popularity these days and it is a trend in the future. consistent with data from The International Energy Agency estimates that by 2030 Worldwide there will be 145 million electric cars on the road.

for Thailand National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee Has announced a policy by the year 2035 preparing to cancel the sale of petrol cars Ready to support electric car tax reduction. shows that in the future consumers in Thailand will use more electric cars. Lotus is ready to help campaign and support the use of clean energy for consumers. And respond to the world trend of a sustainable future”

side Somboon Lertsuwanroj Mr The CEO of Altervim Co., Ltd. said, “Altervim aims to drive a sustainable society. Through different types of renewable energy business operations in collaboration with Lotus this time This is an important step in giving consumers convenient access to electric vehicle charging stations. Because Lotus has branches all over the country. The first phase will pave the way for the opening of electric vehicle charging stations in Bangkok. and major cities covering all regions can connect to travel throughout Thailand

Altervim Super Charge electric vehicle charging stations are now available at Lotus North Ratchaphruek as the first branch with 6 parking slots, 2 DC 150 kW chargers, each with 2 CCS2 charging heads. Available to charge up to 4 DC Super Charge electric vehicles at the same time. which is a short charge All models of electric cars that fully support CCS2 can be charged with the fastest time of no more than 20 minutes, depending on the size of the car’s battery as well. Two standard AC chargers with Type 2 chargers are also available through the Altervim Super Charge program to create a new experience for Lotus North customers.

Lotus North Ratchaphruek, the flagship branch of SMART Community Centre, was designed on the basis of sustainability in terms of community, society and environment. In collaboration with Altervim in this branch, in addition to the Altervim Super Charge electric vehicle charging station, there is also the installation of solar panels measuring 7,100 square meters on the roof of the branch. It has a clean energy production capacity of 995 kilowatts, which can replace up to 25% of the branch’s electricity consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 13,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. Throughout its service life of around 20 years, Lotus plans to install solar panels on the roofs of 1,042 branches and distribution centers with a total capacity of 135 megawatts by 2024.


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