Lotus joins forces with “SMART SME EXPO” to help small people push SMEs to the mall

“Lotus” Announcing the handshake “the company PMG Corporation Co., Ltd., the organizer Smart SME Expo 2021 Ready to bring “Platform of Opportunities” to support Thai entrepreneurs to have distribution channels and be able to grow sustainably in the Smart SME EXPO 2021

Dr. Naris Thammakuekun Chief Executive Officer Lotus Business Group Asia-Pacific Except for China, said that this handshake in accordance with the policy Continuously supporting SME entrepreneurs

In addition to being a distribution channel for SMEs through more than 2,100 branches nationwide and online channels Lotus There is also a clear roadmap. To increase the amount of purchase of SME products at least 10% every year for a period of 5 years. small entrepreneur to be able to grow sustainably

Meanwhile, after the opening of the country The atmosphere of in-store trading will be lively again. which is a pleasure

for SME entrepreneurs Lotus therefore brought “Platform of Opportunity” (Platform of Opportunities) to help support SMEs at booth E7 at Smart SME EXPO 2021, consisting of 3 main activities:

1. Shopping center opening activities to provide opportunities for small entrepreneurs

Support SMEs, providing special price areas in 119 branches nationwide for SMEs who are starting businesses and looking for areas to try and sell products or SMEs affected by Covid Including support for SMEs who want to generate sales for their products and reach new customers. which are available in many forms such as small spaces, pop-up stores, to open-end areas, etc.

2. Business negotiation activities for sales

For SMEs with outstanding quality products that meet standards, have innovations that meet the needs of today’s consumers and want to access more than 2,100 distribution channels across the country. including online channels

3. Business negotiation activities for production

For SMEs who have expertise and are ready to produce products can become a partner to produce products under the Lotus brand in a variety of product groups, such as household products Health Products food products group ready-to-eat food group Dry food and processed food, etc.

Smart SME EXPO 2021 The Biggest Business Show, Franchise and Negotiation of the Year Packed with over 200 booths of entrepreneurs with sources of capital for starting and expanding businesses. Held between 2 – 5 December 2021 at Hall 6, Impact Muang Thong Thani. by joining forces with allied agencies, both government and private sectors, including financial institutions with the aim of wanting to be another job that stimulates the economy of the country’s trading sector at the end of the year as well as to create new entrepreneurs Ready to strengthen Thai SMEs to expand their knowledge and develop strong businesses



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