Lou Malnati’s responses to insults in Netflix – NBC Chicago’s “Emily in Paris”

Lou Malnati was not happy with the insults launched against them in the new Netflix series “Emily in Paris”.

The 10-episode series from “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star compares the deep dish pizza of the famous Chicago restaurant to “a concrete quiche”.

“While the writers of Emily in Paris may not be fans of Deep Dish Pizza or Lou Malnati in particular, generations of Chicago citizens would strongly disagree,” the restaurant said in a statement. “Malnati’s is always the first to engage in friendly banter with New York or California pizza lovers. However, it is especially rude to discredit anyone in these troubled times, as most restaurants struggle to resist.”

The series, which premiered Friday, follows a Chicago-based marketing executive as she travels to Paris for “her dream job. The show includes multiple scenes shot in the Windy City – and Lou Malnati’s excavation wasn’t the only one. Chicago insult featured in the series, which also appeals to Cubs fans.

“We’ve been serving Chicago’s favorite Deep Dish since 1971,” Marc Malnati said in a statement. “When Netflix’s writers of Emily in Paris chose to try Chicago Citizens and Our Pizza to try to make people laugh, it was heartless and no fun in the middle of Covid-19.”

Netflix didn’t immediately respond to NBC Chicago’s request for comment, but the restaurant’s feedback isn’t the only question related to the coronavirus surrounding the show.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Star and the show’s lead actress Lilly Collins, who plays Emily, said the irony is that the series premieres at a time when travel is either down or impossible. due to the pandemic.

Star told the publication that he hopes the series will encourage people to explore the world when it’s safe to do so.

“Americans have a great country and we don’t travel as much as everyone else around the world does and I hope this show inspires people to do it,” he said.


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