Louis Vuitton hosts the 2022 spring and summer menswear collection show in Miami

Although we have lost Virgil Abloh forever, the fashion legend written by him continues. Louis Vuitton held the 2022 Spring/Summer Menswear Show in Miami yesterday, which was the last LV menswear collection that Virgil took charge of during his lifetime. The longing for the sky is the instinct of human beings. Children origami airplanes, blowing balloons, and waving their arms to feel the flow of the wind. At the LV 2022 Spring/Summer Menswear Show held in Miami, Menswear Art Director Virgil Abloh re-awakened the innocent nature of flying in viewers by depicting childhood scenes. His design core concept is to show young people a blueprint of opportunity and convey the idea of ​​free thinking before they are imprisoned by secular views. The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the skyline of Miami—here, cultural conflicts gave birth to new subcultures, self-expression means success, and fantasy scenes were born: under the call of nature, the barge changes to float Forest, hot air balloons are flying in the sky. Imagination bursts here, and thoughts are released here.

Amen Break is the core theme of Virgil’s design this season. In the LV 2022 spring and summer menswear collection, the menswear art director focuses on the typical elements and subcultures that are familiar to the public, sometimes conducting comprehensive inspections and sometimes in-depth details, highlighting the cultural background and collective reconstruction. Amen Break is an important chapter in the inheritance of black classics, black art history and European art history teaching. It embodies the instinct of art to sample and resample its core design. When applied to fashion, it is a reinterpretation of basic clothing such as suits, sportswear, shirts and T-shirts, and so on, so Amen Break has also become a metaphor for the myth of ownership in contemporary creativity.


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