Louis Vuitton Officially Releases 2024 Early Spring Women’s Collection Show

Louis Vuitton Artistic Director in Womenswear Nicolas GhesquiAndUnder the guidance of a second, move on to the beautiful island (Isola Bella), surrounded by Lake Maggiore (Lake Maggiore) and ruled by the Borromeo family for centuries, to announce the early spring 2024 women’s fashion show, pictured in this water palace, green. and the secret garden of Evolution and change.

This season not only marks the brand’s first show in Italy, the dreamy environment also echoes the series’ inspiration of underwater legends and mermaids exploring the land, breaking in from all aspects to further portray the general concept.

Paying attention to design details, you can see three-dimensional wing-like collar and hem, water-drop beads, baroque-style ornate headdress, modernization of bathing suits, masks and court costumes, reminiscent of The Great’s “The Print of” Katsushika Hokusai Wave off Kanagawa” and the application of sequins inspired by fish scales… These innovative techniques and interesting elements complement each other, interpreting the story of the transformation of deep sea creatures developing land wonders, and last by incorporating the story “The Mermaid Finds Her Legs” The bespoke architectural silhouette ends.


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