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Louis Vuitton Space-inspired new “Stellar Times” | octane.jp | Fuelling the Passion

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The second collection of high jewelery, “Stellar Times”, designed by Franceska Amfiteatrov, artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s Watch & Fine Jewelery.

This collection focuses on the one and only magnificent vision of the universe. Through seven special themes, the Maison travels to the ends of a powerful galaxy. Through the most beautiful colored stones with gold, a long journey of contemporary jewelery that reflects the strong desire of Louis Vuitton Woman is unfolded.

Francesca said, “This theme gives us a great deal of inspiration. Not to mention the artistic value of the stones that symbolize the planet, but I also like the vastness of the universe and the concept of traveling in space. I am fascinated by the beauty of the universe and amazed at the beauty of the universe. Nowadays, women are also active as top-class astronauts. And it is said that the journey to Mars will soon be realized. Louis Vuitton, a pioneer who has always been a bold pioneer in adventure, reflects these amazing advances in his creations, “he said of the collection. This free spirit that is not bound by anything, and the desire to explore unknown territories are the values ​​that can be said to be Louis Vuitton’s trademark.

Since debuting in the world of high jewelery in 2008, Louis Vuitton has been passionate about creating very impressive and confident styles. The 90 jewelery that make up the world of “Stellar Times” embodies boldness and determination in a brilliant and gorgeous design. Jewelery created from stones of outstanding quality, such as diamonds, opals, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, spinels, and tourmalines, is a shining constellation that no one can resist. The final chapter of Louis Vuitton’s journey-it’s the galaxy of the future.

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