Love 10 years “Pancake-Inspector Bear” has gone through all forms. Dressed up for sure

“Pancake” reveals the love life of “Inspector Bear” for 10 years. Both good and bad things have passed. Married adults But will it be next year or not? Let’s see the suitability.

Love each other for 10 years for “Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn with “Inspector Mee” Pol.Lt. Col. Saksunthorn Premanon A few days ago, Inspector Mee had just posted a love message for the 10th Anniversary Pancake, amid the rumors that the two families had already attended the auspicious wedding next year. Pancake recently joined the funeral of the movie “The World of Killing People” at The Pud English Garden.

“The 10th anniversary is good. It has passed quickly. There is nothing about the wedding. still the same At this time, I’m waiting for the right moment. After we returned to work It’s a bit busy, so we’re comfortable now. Let’s talk about it next year.”

“The past 10 years have been good, good, it has been through a variety of things, with every angle and every aspect. Not used, only the part that is always ok But we think it’s an okay time. I wish next year to be a good year.”

Agreed to see the wedding ceremony
“Yes, there are questions and inquiries. As I said Wait for the right moment Let’s say it again next year. Look at the situation in many ways to be a good thing. Every day is better (smiles). Well, we’re pretty chill, so we’re comfortable with each other for a bit. As I said, we’ll wait and see and then plan further. How was it?”

want to be natural I don’t want to get married by surprise.
“It’s a fresh face every day (laughs). It’s better to be natural. I don’t have any plans I told you not to be surprised at all. because of fear It’s better to take the natural one. And we are 10 years old. We can talk about things comfortably. It’s our nature better. It’s encouraging for each other. Because when I come back to work, everyone is busy, so we gradually go every day.”

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to marry.
“Really thank you all. When the mother interviewed, the elders also sent messages of congratulations. Thank you all very much always in sight We’ll just look at the right timing. Then we plan to continue one more time.”



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