“Love Atmosphere The Series” releases the 3rd song MV for you to enjoy before the end of the story.

Get close to the conclusion every time with “Love the Atmosphere of the Series” (Love in the Air) The best series under the production of Me Mind The Limited Company by the organizers and talented writers like Khun May – Orawan Wichayawankul And directed by a passionate director like “Ne – Neti Suwanchinda”, soon the fans of the series are close to seeing the end of the love of the two couples and 4 characters. #rainstorm #Phra Phai Sky together, performed by 4 hot young actors as Ford – Thitipong Sengnang, Pete – Wasuthon Chaichinda, Boss – Chaikamol Sermsongwittaya and Noeul – Nattharat Tangwai

This event, I can tell you that the rest of the EP, fans of the series are banned for one episode. Because in addition to the finicky pillow that the heroine – Mr. Ek, the two pairs of 2 emotions, will be able to serve each other without rest every episode. It seems that there is also a story that is ready to surprise the audience, causing them to smile, be happy and sad. and to appease the fans of the series who have responded well to the series The organizers have pampered the fans of the series by releasing the MV for the last song of the series, so you can see the cuteness of the 4 actors with the song that’ n use the same name as the series, such as the song “Love in the Air

sung by 4 boys Ford, Pete, Boss and Christmas. with clear pop music, cute, warm and fluffy content that tells about the love that exists around If you want to open And embrace that love in the MV, all 4 boys represent the lover of the 4 seasons, namely summer, rainy season, spring and winter, ready to give hugs to fans.

Previously, the actors have released two songs to listen to together, that is.

  • The song My Strongest Love is sung by “Boss – Noeul | Boss – Chaikamol Sermsongwittaya and Noeul – Nattharat Tangwai|
  • “Never Say” performed by “Fort – Peat” | Ford – Thitipong Sengnangpet and Wasuthon Chaijinda |

As for the latest song “Love in The Air”, you can follow the MV today on Youtube: MeMindY MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/c/MeMindYMUSIC and download via https://www.youtube.com /c/MeMindYMUSIC. https://LoveinTheAir.lnk.to/LoveinTheAir

can follow up”Love Atmosphere The Series Love In The Air” Live on GMM25 channel every Thursday at 11:00 PM and watch back on iQIYI app (Ai Qiyi) and iQ.com website every Thursday at 24:00
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