‘Love catcher’ man dragged ‘Lamborghini’ out saying he didn’t like Porsche for not flirting with woman (Video)

TVING ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’

[인사이트] Reporter Mi-young Jim = ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’ Seo Jae-hyung suddenly changed his car from a Porsche to a Lamborghini.

In the 3rd episode of TVING ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’, which was recently released, the story of Seo Jae-hyung who suddenly disappeared from the love mansion was drawn.

The participants who gathered for the meal that day were embarrassed to learn that Seo Jae-hyung was absent.

Ahn Ji-min said, “Of course I thought I was doing it in the morning,” and Lee In-seong speculated that he probably went for a drive.


InsightTVING ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’

At that time, Seo Jae-hyung was driving on the road in a Porsche, but his expression was not very bright.

Seo Jae-hyung recalled the moment when he was pushed by Kang Won-jae, who drives a domestic car, saying, “I suddenly hated Porsche. I don’t want to ride it.”

At that time, he actively dashed towards Lee Yeo-min until she opened the Porsche door, but she felt ashamed because she was rejected.

To overcome this, Seo Jae-hyung took the strategy of changing the car. He switched to a yellow Lamborghini at home and headed back to the Love Mansion.


InsightTVING ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’

Seo Jae-hyung made the MCs laugh by saying, “The car is also a Lamborghini.”

Then, he said, “I will bring another car and ride it when I go on a date with another person.”

Seo Jae-hyung, who arrived at the love mansion, ate the sandwich made by Jung Dana, a girl he liked, and smiled faintly.

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