Love Caught in the Bones; The young woman did not know that her boyfriend was a felon

The love of a young woman without realizing that her boyfriend is a criminal. A British woman named Stella Paris fell in love with the young man without knowing he was a criminal. The young girl fell in love without knowing that her ex-boyfriend named Gustmore had been on the run for nine years in the case of a murder in 2003. But in 2012, after learning that her boyfriend was a murderer, Stella broke up with him.

Gustmore became close to Stella while on the run from the murder case. As the intimacy grew, the two began to live together. He impressed Stella more with good advice and tips in her business. But even when living together, Stella noticed the strangeness in Morin’s behaviour. Meanwhile, More objected to sharing his photos and videos on social media.

With this, Stella decided to investigate Mor. But when Mor realizes that Stella is suspicious of him, he tries to attack them. With this, Stella left her relationship with Mor and went to London.

They divorced in 2012. Six years later, Stella learns who her ex-boyfriend is when she sees a newspaper article.

“It took Stella a year to come to terms with the fact that she was living, eating and sleeping with someone whose real name and background she did not know.

Stella was mentally stressed by this incident. He also suffered from depression. They find it difficult to trust anyone or their identity.

More committed the murder over a drug deal worth £20,000. After brutally torturing him for four hours, he committed the murder. This time, the killing took place in front of the victim’s children.

Gust Mor was arrested by Interpol in 2019, almost 16 years after the incident. More are currently serving a life sentence.

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