Love Continues at Solo B&B: The Complicated Relationships of 13th grade Hyeonsook and 11th grade Yeongcheol

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13th grade Hyeonsook demonstrated a different side of herself on the latest episode of SBS Plus and ENA’s ‘I’m Solo, Love Continues’ (referred to as ‘Nasol Four Seasons’). The show, which aired on the 28th, followed single men and women who returned to a solo hotel after 4 weeks.

The focus of the episode was on Yeongcheol from the 11th grade. He arrived at Solo B&B feeling distressed, admitting that he had been torn between 13th grade Hyunsuk and 3rd grade Jeongsuk. After his date with Jeongsuk, he took a trip to Busan and unexpectedly ran into Hyun-sook from the 13th class. Despite their meeting, he confessed that there wasn’t much chemistry between them. They agreed to talk later when they had the chance, unsure of what the future held. Yeongcheol described Solo Nara as a place where magic could happen.

One of the highlights of the episode was the unexpected appearance of Hyeonsuk from the 13th grade and Yeongsik from the 9th grade. The fact that they didn’t arrive at the individual hotel until the end piqued everyone’s curiosity. Hyunsuk jokingly commented that love might run away, but it was revealed that they had developed a strong connection during the filming process. Yeongcheol, on the other hand, seemed uneasy about their closeness and suggested having separate rooms.

When asked if she had made up her mind, Hyeonsuk from the 13th grade responded that she had weighed her options and decided to keep her decision confidential. She also explained that Yeongsik from the 9th grade had accompanied her at the request of her older brother, who promised to take care of her throughout the experience.

Meanwhile, Yeongcheol from the 11th grade and Hyunsuk from the 13th grade had a conversation of their own. Yeongcheol awkwardly asked about her well-being, and Hyunsuk assured him that she was doing fine, promising to reach out first. As they talked, Yeongsik politely excused himself to give them some privacy. Hyunsook expressed her doubts about why they hadn’t contacted each other earlier. Yeongcheol explained that he had been unsure about their feelings for each other and had thought it best to give it some time.

Hyeonsuk, still uncertain about her own feelings, stated that she wanted to be in a relationship where it was okay to let go. Yeongcheol regretted not being more proactive and expressed that he had stopped hoping for a deeper connection. Both agreed that they had done enough and the situation had resolved itself.

In an interview with the production crew, Hyeonsook admitted that she had liked Yeongcheol initially but understood that he needed to figure out his feelings on his own. Yeongcheol shared that he was a person who needed to stay in touch to gauge emotions but acknowledged that this was not the case in their situation.

Overall, the episode shed light on the complexities of relationships and the difficulties of navigating emotions. The participants faced challenges in making decisions and were honest about their uncertainties. It remains to be seen how their journeys will unfold in the coming weeks.

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[OSEN=김나연 기자] 13th grade Hyeonsook showed her spirit like 9th grade Yeongsik, not 11th grade Yeongcheol.

On SBS Plus and ENA ‘I’m Solo, Love Continues’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Nasol Four Seasons’), broadcast on the 28th, depicted single men and women who visited a solo hotel again after 4 weeks .

The protagonist of the second vehicle that arrived at Solo B&B that day was Yeongcheol from the 11th grade. Youngcheol said, with a distressed expression, “I think it’s been almost a month and a week. I had a lot of trouble deciding between 13th grade Hyunsuk and 3rd grade Jeongsuk. Right after my date with Jeongsuk, there was a time of long. I left on the train to Busan, so I met Hyun-sook from class 13 for a while. “I saw him,” he said, explaining the situation in which he met Hyun-sook from the 13th class without the production crew.

He said, “I don’t think we had much confidence in each other even then. When I think about it now, Hyunsuk from class 13 didn’t contact me after a few days. We would talk in later when we get the chance. I don’t know what will happen again. Solo Nara is a huge country.” “Isn’t this a place where magic happens?” he said meaningfully.

Among them, Hyeonsuk from the 13th grade and Yeongsik from the 9th grade attracted attention because they did not come to the individual hotel until the end. Hyunsuk from class 9 joked, “They say love would run away there,” and Hyunsuk from class 13 and Youngsik from class 9 appeared together wearing similar styles as a couple ok, surprising everyone. Yeongcheol from class 11 saw this and said, “Shouldn’t we have a separate room?” and “I can’t accept it yet.”

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When asked, “Have you made up your mind?” Class 13’s Hyunsuk responded, “I was weighing. I thought I had to make that kind of decision. I thought it would be hard for me to judge because it was too short and very busy to make a decision here, so I decided to organize it to some extent.” Which he was inclined to, he replied, “Confidential.”

Also, regarding the reason why he appeared with the 9th group Yeongsik, he explained, “My older brother said he would give me a ride. He said he would take care of me when I came, even if I was a stranger when I went. .” On the other hand, 9th grader Yeongsik said, “After the 2 nights and 3 days of filming, we got along so well that I wondered if I could get along well with the friend this when the cameras were off, but when the cameras were off. away, we actually talked honestly and we got closer, we decided until the end, “I have to mark it well,” he said, expressing his clearer feelings towards Hyeonsuk from the 13th grade.

Meanwhile, Yeongcheol from the 11th grade and Hyunsuk from the 13th had a conversation of their own. Yeongcheol from class 11 asked awkwardly, “How have you been?” and Hyunsuk from class 13 said, “I was just there,” and “I’ll contact you first.” After that, Yeongsik from class 9, who was with them, carefully left to give the two a chance to talk, and Hyunsook from class 13 seriously asked, “I’m suspicious. I wonder why they didn’t contact me first. ”

Yeongcheol from the 11th grade said, “I know it’s the flow. It’s the same to keep in touch,” and Hyunsuk from the 13th grade pointed out, “Stop packing food when you’re not I do it all the time. Self-prohibited packing in front of me.” In response, 11th grader Yeongcheol said, “We saw each other at Seoul Station and didn’t contact each other after that. Why didn’t we contact each other for a few days? To be honest, I was n felt that he was in the Even when we saw each other at Seoul Station, we weren’t sure about each other. We didn’t contact each other the next day, so I thought he had to solve. “I did,” he said.

Then, Hyeonsuk of the 13th grade said, “I don’t want to be in a relationship with my decision anyway, so if I let go, I want it to be a relationship that will be let go.” Yeongcheol from the 11th group said, “If I had been confident and been more proactive, it would have been different, but I thought I was a good person with a straight mind. But that’s where it came over. I stopped thinking if I could get better as the opposite sex or go to the next level “I guess we lost touch in that situation. So I thought that this is it.”

Hyunsuk, a member of the 13th class, said, “Actually, when I step on the accelerator, I step on the accelerator more. But I felt that I had done enough for my brother. “Yeongcheol, a member of the 11th class, also agreed, saying, “I did enough.” Afterwards, in an interview with the production crew, 13th generation Hyunsook said, “After a date with 3rd generation Jeongsuk at Seoul Station, I met 11th generation Yeongcheol oppa, and I think we both have realized then. My brother’s feelings are not sure, and I’m not sure either. My feelings are not 100, so I told him clearly. That’s really how I feel about my brother. I did liked him first, so I asked him if I could help him get over those feelings. no. he said no. My brother is the type of person who needs to stand by his own feelings. When I heard that, I was feeling bitter. At that time, “I thought we weren’t sure about each other, so we stopped. connect with each other. I’m not really disappointed, but there are things I can’t help but regret,” he admitted.

Yeong-cheol from class 11 also said, “I’m honestly a long-distance person anyway. I need to keep in touch to check how people are feeling, but that wasn’t the case, and if it wasn’t Yeong-sik. in a love triangle in the middle, I could have made it more relaxed, but I also have my own feelings. “I think it was resolved quickly because I didn’t sure about it,” he explained.


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