Love in The Air ended beautifully, and the fans were close to the main actors in a unique way.

In the end, I was very impressed with the work. Special Episode department A Love Story in the Air of the most popular series an atmosphere of love for the series (Love in the Air) Held in all 3 rounds, the tickets sold out in a short time. Last Saturday (November 26) at the Siam Pavalai Grand Theatre, 6th floor, Siam Paragon. May MsOrawan Wichayawankul (MAME) As organizer, writer and executive officer of Me Mind Y Co., Ltd. and 4 young actors who are the hottest at the moment BossChai Kamol Lyrics meaning: Somsongwittaya, FordThitipong Easy going, No SunNatarat Tang Wai a PeteWasuthon Chaichinda

The event began with hilarity. and laugh From the golden queue of hosts like cue Thitiphan Suriyawitwelcome the fans and guests of honor to the official event sent to the event by watching a special Mini Concert show by all 4 young men Ford Pete a Boss No Sun He then invited the host to speak. say hi a little Play games and give away prizes like tickets up to 5,500 baht. work Van meets Seasons of Love in the Air which is due to sell tickets on Sunday 4 Thor.c. this And then it’s time that everyone has been waiting for to watch the series. an atmosphere of love for the series (Love in the Air) Special Chapter department A Love Story in the Air together

Finished from the series that calls for smiling. The sound of screaming in the cinema, Fin Chik Pillow throughout the EP, then it’s time to officially discuss feelings withMiss May Orawan (organizer), Ms. No, Netty (a director) a 4 Boss Chaikamon hot young (playing the storm), Ford (like Phra Phai), No Eul Nuttarat (play the role of Rain) and Pete Wasuthon (play the role of Sky) Then the 4 young people sing a song for the series of the nameLove in the Air which is considered a representative song for each of the 4 boys, 4 emotions, 4 atmospheres, before ending the happiness by taking a picture with the fans, the team, including the guests of honor and came to watch this special series together. The event featured actors such as nut Nattapong Phrompinit, theme Phubet Attharunnawong, NanSuchitra Hehirun a beamPantida Prairuengkit, I Mind The teamsharing happiness with It can be said that this work creates smiles, laughter and tears of happiness to be remembered for a long time.

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