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Love song queen Liang Jingru sings “Goodbye, Youth” theme song of the same name in Lost Youth, thank you for being my friend_TOM Entertainment

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The Queen of Love Songs from the Pop Music CircleLiang JingruThe affectionate film “Goodbye, Youth”, the theme song and MV of the same name, was officially revealed today. The beam-style voice slowly sang Li Fei (Zhang Zifeng) and Zhang Chenhao (Zhang Youhao), two teenagers with different destinies. The beauty and regret in the story. Maybe it’s a teenager, maybe once a teenager, there may be such a teenager in everyone’s youth, who accompanies you, warms you, and becomes your light. Even if time flies, TA is still a treasure in your memory and will never be forgotten. Listening to this song, will you also think of that person?Movie“Goodbye, boy”It will be screened nationwide on August 27.

The youth film “Goodbye, Youth” is directed by Yin Ruoxin and produced by Jiao Xiongping,Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Youhao, Xu Fan, and Jiao Gang starring, tells the story of a youthful story in which two teenagers with different destinies meet unexpectedly and grow up with each other under the complex and changeable social environment during the millennium, but eventually drift away due to reality. . A few days ago, the official announcement was re-fixed and the movie will be released nationwide on August 27. Coincidentally, this day is also the birthday of the starring actor Zhang Zifeng. The full sense of ceremony was praised by netizens as romantic. The teaser of Liang Jingru singing the theme song of the same name for the movie triggered a wave of anticipation.

The theme song of the same name of the movie “Goodbye, Youth” is composed by Qingyan and Gao Ying, and Gao Ying composes the music. Ma Yufen is the producer, perfect youth OST production and MV marketing. The song is presented from the perspective of Li Fei and Zhang Chenhao, from the simple and beautiful encounter to the contradiction and redemption in the real situation, “the lost life is illuminated, the lonely and stubborn bloom in the dust”, the delicate lyrics express a kind of lost youth Salvation. The story of the film appeared at the end of summer, and at the same time it evoked the audience’s memory and resonance. The youthful performance field. Who was your teenager once, and will not forget it when you drift away?

Some people say that Liang Jingru now has a sense of life in the song of youthful minds. “The Healing Queen” Liang Jingru also perfectly interprets the healing feeling of this song. Grief but not sad is the footnote of this theme song and the emotional chapter of the movie “Goodbye, Boy”. The piano keys are wrapped in the breath of the past, and the long ups and downs of the tune contain memories and nostalgia. There is always an inexplicable magnetic force in Liang Jingru’s singing, which makes people immersed in the music atmosphere. Youth is so long and memories are so far away. Listening to this song will remind you of the boy once, leaving endless comfort and warmth.

The youth film “Goodbye, Youth” is produced by Dadi Times Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Dayinguangshi Culture Media Co., Ltd., Emperor (Beijing) Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Xiyou Culture Media Co., Ltd., will be produced in 2021 It landed on the national theaters on August 27, 2015.



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