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“Happy Home Love Express” has been full of joy recently. Xiong Ruoshui (Lv Huiyi) and Gong Ye (Zhang Jingchun) announced their marriage on December 27. In reality, that day is also the day when the big wedding story is broadcast; and Missy (Lin Shumin) After accepting Shuihui (Xu Jiajie)’s proposal, Da Longsheng (Luo Lelin) chooses a date to make a round marriage before the end of this year, and finally chooses to bury the same day and two weddings on the same day. I don’t know the treasure hunt staff Do you know how to do it?

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Love to go home│Jin Chengan’s preview is about to return to Xiong’s family. Dressed up and suspected of attending Xiong Ruoshui’s wedding?Next page

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In an exclusive interview with Sky Post earlier, Zhou Jialuo revealed that he would show up to attend the wedding of “Second Aunt” Xiong Ruoshui and return to the family of “Love Home”. Many viewers are looking forward to it. It is unknown whether Jialuo has seen the cast of the cast for a long time. He is very excited. It can be described as a “big gift” at IG Story, constantly sharing photos of Xiong Ruoshui and Gong Ye’s wedding shooting scene. In the past, the filming process of “Love Going Home” was rarely publicized in order to avoid spoilers. This time Jialuo is serious and bold!

Seeing that the shooting location was the hotel’s banquet hall, Xiong Ruoshui was wearing a red dress, while Gong Ye was wearing a white dress. Like a prince charming, he seemed to kneel down to serve tea to his elders. Except for a couple of newcomers, all the members of the Xiong family are well dressed. Jin Chengan rarely returns to Hong Kong and sees “father-in-law” Xiong Shugen (played by Liu Dan), “uncle” Xiong Shuren (played by Shan Liwen) and “mummy” Xiong Shangshan (played by Teng Li). I’m so excited that I want Xixi, sweet seriously! The “girlfriends” Bonnie (played by Lin Kain), “three aunts” Xiong Xinru (played by Su Yunzi), and David (played by Tang Yingying) all wore pink-blue veil. I believe they are members of Xiong Ruoshui’s sister group.

But when it comes to the most pleasant surprise, I believe that Qin Bosi (played by Ma Guandong) was present at the wedding, and he has also left the crew for a while, with old friends and ghosts such as “Jin Chengan” Zhou Jialuo, “Zhu Lingling” Wu Weihao, “Chi Zixiao” Ruan Zhengfeng and so on. The ghosts are all in one group, and see the brotherhood.

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“Love Going Home” The two big weddings of Xiong’s and Long’s family are about to be heldNext page

As far as the related IG Story is concerned, I didn’t see the boss lady who has always loved Xi Ruoshui the most at the wedding. What’s the point? It’s about the eldest lady who is busy with her wedding! The day after the incident, I saw similar hotel scenes and continued filming. Among them, I saw on Huang Yaohuang’s social platform. Send Shuihui put on a groom’s dress and appeared in the hotel banquet hall. The mouse boy on his arm almost burst into his shirt sleeves! Although the eldest lady is not seen in the clip, it seems to be the scene of the wedding of the two being filmed; Huang Yaohuang left a message: “Fake is also ignorant (name) is moved, if it is true…” plus the emoji of “Yelling”. Huang Yaohuang, who plays Zhang Long, and Song Shuihui are colleagues. In real life, the two are also good brothers.

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