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[LPGA] Jinyoung Ko “I am satisfied with the play… I am going according to the winning plan”

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BMW Ladies Championship… Korean 200 wins confidently

[부산=뉴스핌] Reporter Kim Yong-seok = Ko Jin-young inflated the chances of a Korean career 200 wins.

Jinyoung Ko (26, Solaire), the ‘second place in the world’, held the BMW Ladies Championship ($2 million in total prize money) held at the International Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour International Busan (par 72, 6726 yards) located in Gijang-gun, Busan on the 22nd. Hit 8 birdies, including consecutive birdies.

If Jin-Young Ko wins the championship, he will be ranked first in the world with four wins in the season along with his 200 career wins. [사진= 대회 조직위]

Jinyoung Ko, with a mid-total 9-under 135, was tied for fourth place as of 3:15 pm.

Jin-young Ko, who started tied for 42nd, was confident of winning. Jinyoung Ko, who stood in the mix zone, revealed, “I’m going according to the winning plan.” Jinyoung Ko’s 8-under 64 shot on the second day is the same as the one-course record recorded by Anna Lin the previous day and Daniel Kang (USA) in this tournament two years ago.

Jinyoung Ko said, “It feels good that the putt went well as planned. I can’t say I’m confident of winning, but I’m going according to plan.” Jinyoung Ko, who made 33 putts the day before, drastically reduced to 24 that day, and also greatly increased the putting hit rate from 64.28% to 92.85%. Starting on the 10th (par 4) hole, he made three consecutive birdies (par 3 13th, par 4 14th, par 5 15th), then made a birdie on the 2nd (par 4) hole in the second half and finally par 5 He cut one more shot on the 9th hole.

Jinyoung Ko, who is running at the top of the multi-win division by writing three wins this season, said, “Actually, I’ve been at bats in my 60s, but I didn’t like the play for the past three months. I think I can say that I like it about 20%. % I really like it.” Had he hit his 60s the day before, he would have set the record for the first time in LPGA Tour history for 15 consecutive rounds in 60s.

But Jinyoung didn’t care. Regarding the broken record, he said, “I need to drive up the momentum and get a new record in my 60s.” I said that I enjoyed it without using it, but my mother’s eyes can’t be deceived.”

Jinyoung Ko said that the secret to winning season 3 was ‘resilient resilience’. He said, “I am not very disappointed when things go wrong, and I have a good resilience to get up quickly. Today’s chip buddy came out and I thought, “I can do well.” I feel that I can play a good game.

He continued, “It is important to let go of greed and play.” Regarding the possibility of 200 wins in Korea, he said, “I have won 199 in my career, so I don’t think I have a 5% stake (10 wins)? (Laughs). I’m full. My 200 wins in my career could have my name in it,” he emphasized.

If Jin-Young Ko wins, she will win 4 of the season and retake the lead in the LPGA multiple-win division, and at the same time rise to the top of the world golf rankings.

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