LPN aggressively strengthens condominium market in Sukhumvit area Launch of new brand “Park 168 On Nut 19”

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

LPN is preparing to plant a new landmark in the On Nut area Emphasizing the professionalism in developing quality projects for more than 33 years, it targets GenY customers who like minimalism. Creating a new Japanese-style condominium “PARK 168 Onnut 19” (PARK 168 Onnut 19) with a project value of over 1,600 million baht under the concept of “Let’s take a breath” through the design of the project with Japanese style. which emphasizes warmth and relaxation with the simplicity of the building which is inserted in the green area for a good everyday life Welcoming residents only 761 units on an area of ​​more than 7 ‘r, next to On Nut Road. The price starts from 1.87 million baht, ready to organize a VIP Day event on 26-27 November.

Mr. Opas Sripayak CEO and managing director Development Public Co., Ltd. revealed. (LPN), a quality housing developer for over 33 years, that the ‘PARK 168 Onnut 19’ brand is one of LPN’s new brands which has been redesigned to create new projects in the traditional way. LPN group to reach the new generation more. In order to be in line with the lifestyle of the current residents who have to live in the house. and need more space to relax and do more activities Therefore, it gives importance to good health in a holistic way (Wellness Real Estate) with a common area of ​​more than 2,880 square meters to support practical use every day.

More importantly, the On Nut area is still a location with a good sales rate in the current economic situation with an average absorption rate of 42% of the number of condominiums for sale in this location totaling 3,275 units, a total of 8,750 million baht.

According to a survey by Lumpini Wisdom and Solutions Co, Ltd (LWS), a real estate research and development company affiliated with LPN, it was found that buyers of projects in the area of ​​On Nut Both are bought for living. and for investment with an average selling price of 67,000-141,000 baht per square meter The area size is approximately 22-35 square meters or 1.5 – 3 million baht per unit. Compared to nearby locations such as Ekamai which has an average selling price of 280,000-350,000 baht per square meter or Thong Lor with an average selling price of 420,000 baht per square meter The price of residential condominiums in the On Nut area is considered to be 40-50% cheaper on average depending on the size of the room. Although travel comfort is no different. In particular, traveling on the BTS Skytrain only takes 20 minutes to reach CBD areas such as Sukhumvit or Silom.

For investment purchases, “On Nut” is a location with an average occupancy rate of 70-80% with an average rental price of 6,500-55,000 baht per month depending on the room size, such as studios. From 6,500-9,000 baht. /month (size 30-40 sq.m.) Size 1 bedroom 8,000-27,000 baht per month (size 21-80 sq.m.) Size 2 bedroom 15,000-55,000 baht / month (size 45-80 sq.m. . .) baht per month, with an average investment yield of 5-6% per annum, making the On Nut area an ideal location for buying for living and investing”

“Park 168 Onnut 19” (PARK 168 Onnut 19) is the first condominium designed in the Japanese style of LPN. It is a low-rise condominium with 8 floors, 3 buildings, a total of 761 units with 1 bedroom units ranging in size from 24.00 – 34.00 square meters on an area of ​​more than 7, the project value is over 1,600 million baht, designed with the concept of “Let’s take a breath” for everyone to take a breather to fill their lungs. Answering the question of holistic good health (Wellness Real Estate), which is in line with the lifestyle of today’s residents who have to live in the house. and need more space to relax and do more activities

The Park 168 On Nut 19 project is outstanding in terms of its delicacies. While caring for good health, peace, and the connection between people and nature. With a common area of ​​more than 2,880 square meters in a modern luxury style inspired by Japanese ryokan, which includes a 20-meter long lap pool that creates a sense of calm / Therapeutic Pool that simulates the outdoor atmosphere of an onsen which feels relaxed

by dividing the portion of the pool to maintain privacy / Semi-Outdoor Collaboration that can support a variety of uses Among the large trees / Double Terrace that simulates the atmosphere of a Japanese mountain garden to make users feel free Reduce the feeling caused by a group of buildings around you. And also helps to block the view of the car park / Center Pavilion and Sanctuary Pavilion can support group use to relax or organize group gatherings too.

Including the design of the Moon Crossing Bridge which was designed to be the icon of the project which can be seen from everywhere. Until it becomes a space that surrounds happiness to feel relaxed at all times It also sets the design of the building to enclose the interior space. Create a large, private courtyard and distribute facilities in several parts of the project, including J Park Indoor Living, Outdoor J Park Living, Dry Garden, Fitness, Upper Terrace, Zen Pavilion, Swimming Pool (salt system), The Moon Bridge , The Tea Pavilion, The Tea Garden, Sunbed Deck and Electric Chargers service areas.

The building stands out with its simple yet detailed Japanese design. By taking advantage of nature, focusing on channels to allow wind and light to enter and exit. cause ventilation add coolness Reduce electricity consumption There is also a Double Skin Facade to provide privacy. The building looks neat and beautiful. and reduce sunlight and heat from the outside, which is also the identity of LPN Each unit comes with a fully fitted kitchen style that considers functions. convenient use and the unique design of the LPN room layout also makes living feel more comfortable with a standard security system This makes it possible to be confident in the quality of living is perfect. The project is expected to be completed in 2026.

“Currently, there are quite a few condominiums in the Sukhumvit-Onnut area with large areas, which the company intends to design happiness for the people of the city to be closer to nature and easier in the project “Park 168 Onnut 19 ” (PARK 168). There is Onnut 19). ) is therefore a project that we intend to create for the new generation who want peace, relaxation and privacy in their own way. The On Nut area is still a potential location for residential development as it is close to the electric train, motorway and expressway, making it convenient to travel. including facilities such as hospitals, schools, international schools, universities, department stores AND the market in the community as well,” said Mr Opas in the end.

for interested customers can receive special promotions Free air conditioner, magnetic stove, hood, water heater, digital door lock, IOT, free internet for 1 year immediately, book at the VIP Day event on 26-27 November at the sales gallery “Park 168 On Nut 19” or ask for more information at the LPN Call Center 02-689-6888 /FB: LPN Connect /LINE OA: @LPNdev

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