LS Electric won the 2022 Outstanding Green Company Minister of the Environment Award… Efforts to achieve zero carbon emissions are being evaluated in detail

The Cheongju LS Electric plant won the Minister of the Environment Award (Best Award) in the 2022 Excellent Green Company Awards selected by the Ministry of the Environment.

The Excellent Green Company is a system that the Ministry of Environment certifies through strict certification exams every three years for companies and organizations that have made significant contributions to improving the environment and eco-friendly activities.

In this screening, the award-winning companies were selected through a rigorous three-stage screening by members of experts in all fields, including industry, related experts, the Ministry of Environment, and the Institute of Technology.

LS Electric won the Minister’s Award by receiving high scores in the areas of △ Carbon-free emission △ Active participation in environmental policies △ Establishing an environmental management system △ Developing environmentally friendly products △ Managing environmental pollutants △ ESG management.

LS Electric received high praise, especially in the area of ​​zero carbon emissions. LS Electric’s Cheongju plant reduced nitrogen oxide emissions, a major air pollutant, by more than 90% compared to the previous level by building a roof-type solar power plant connected to an ESS (Energy Storage System) and improving factory utilities such as boilers. .

In addition, there are efforts to develop eco-friendly power devices such as 170kV class eco-friendly GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), which can reduce global warming potential (GWP) by 90% by replacing insulating materials with eco-friendly g3 gas of sulfur hexafluoride. (SF6) gas, are recognized.

On this day, LS Electric donated 10 million Minister’s Award prize money to ‘Cheongju Chungbuk Environmental Movement Society’. This donation will be used for local community climate crisis response and river cleaning activities.

Meanwhile, LS Electric held an ESG management statement ceremony last October and presented its ESG vision of a ‘Sustainable Future with a Green Solution’.

LS Electric will actively promote ‘Net-ZERO’ through RE100 by 2040 △ expand the development of environmentally friendly products △ create safe workplaces △ strengthen win-win management △ expand communication and employee welfare △ strengthen ethics and compliance management △ We plan to establish an ESG operating system.

An official from LS Electric said, “With this award, we have once again been externally recognized for our environmentally friendly management activities based on the ESG philosophy.” We will continue,” he said.

Reporter Geun-Nan Lim from Hellotti |


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