Lu Hanting and Li Junjie send New Year greetings to Wang Mingquan Lu Juan and Luo Jiaying Chinese and Western Instrumental Ensemble “Only You” (19:34) – 20230128 – SHOWBIZ

Today (28th), the seventh person’s day, MIRROR members Lu Juean (Edan), Lu Hanting (Anson Lo) and Li Junjie (Jeremy) visited Wang Mingquan (sister) and Luo Jiaying’s home to celebrate the New Year. Edan brought a buried violin to visit her, improvised with Brother Jia Ying who played the erhu, and sang “Yellow Spring Flowers”, “A Thousand Rivers and Thousand Mountains Are Always Love”, “The God of Wealth Arrives” and so on with Ah Jie, Anson Lo and Jeremy. Brother Jia Ying played the erhu and sang his song “Only You” in the movie “A Chinese Journey to the West: Cinderella”, which made my sister laugh. When Jia Ying sang the words “On On Only You”, because the pronunciation was similar to “Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh” in Anson Lo’s “Megahit”, Anson Lo immediately performed the signature moves of “Megahit” and was laughed out loud.

Sister and Brother Jiaying shared pictures and clips with the three mirror boys on social platforms. Sister said: “28/01/2023, the seventh day of the lunar new year, Ren Day. Edan, Anson, and Jeremy came to sing New Year’s greetings and wish everyone good health. All wishes come true!” Brother Ka Ying also said: “We meet together on the seventh day of the seventh day, sing and sing together to celebrate each other, and spring is only you, and you can’t smile from ear to ear.”

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