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The government is currently considering implementing the “0+7” measures for entry quarantine and medical surveillance. Those who want to learn from the West think it is still too slow, and those who oppose the liberal anti-epidemic think it is a hidden surrender.

If you stretch a bit to predict, after three years, the new crown virus is likely to become flu. Due to the large increase in the proportion of people who are vaccinated and naturally infected, the rate of infection or death with symptoms should decrease accordingly. This is the future scenario. The question is how to transition into the future with the least cost, especially the cost of human life, and in the process, we hope to reduce economic and social opportunity cost.

It is recommended to lie flat in one step, and it will inevitably cost a higher human life.

On the contrary, it will pay too much economic and social cost if it is not open at all. I believe that even the mainland will not be completely closed for a long time, but will try to find a good time and find the right way to gradually open.

The Hong Kong SAR government is considering the “0 + 7” measures in order to speed up the process of opening while the risks can be managed. Let’s think about the risks.

1) The implementation of the “0+7” measures means that there is no chance of clearing customs with the mainland. A simple response, indeed. The question is, can customs clearance with the mainland be possible without implementing the “0+7” measures? With the rapid spread of Omicron 2.5, Hong Kong does not have the ability to clear it, and the ability to clear customs with the mainland is only an illusion. We can only hope that the mainland will also slowly open up to the outside world in response to the epidemic, and at the same time open up to Hong Kong. Since it is impossible to clear customs with the mainland without implementing the “0+7” measures, there is no additional cost.

2) Increase the risk of imported epidemics. To be fair, this risk is not high at the moment, because Hong Kong has thousands of confirmed cases every day, and the society is already flooded with chains of transmission. The current situation is very different to the situation that brought the virus from Cathay Pacific at the end of last year, because the infection in the community was extremely low at that time, and the imported virus became the source of the spread. Now that the local epidemic has already become a pandemic, and the daily imported cases account for only 2%, the implementation of the “0 + 7” measures will not hinder the overall situation of the fight against the epidemic until age if the number of case imports increases.

The real effect is that when new variants of viruses other than Omicron begin to spread elsewhere, the input of external defense will become important.

3) The seven day medical surveillance measures are out of control. As many experts say that “the new crown is like the flu”, and many foreign countries and regions have been completely unprotected, it is inevitable that people will return to Hong Kong from other places, which will see the seven day medical. surveillance like no other.

In order to control this risk, the government should not only strengthen publicity and remind those carrying out medical surveillance not to enter designated places such as restaurants, but also enforce the law against criminals in strict and strengthen prosecution. ” He will be severely punished.

The loosening of the SAR government’s entry measures does not equate to accepting the theory of “the end of the epidemic” Let’s look at the situation in the United States. In a recent interview with CBS, US President Biden said that the epidemic in the United States is “over”, saying that “if you pay attention, nobody is wearing a mask. Everyone looks very good, so I think the situation is changing. This is a perfect example.”

But even Fauci, the US anti-epidemic authority and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, opposed this “perfect example” in Biden’s mouth. Fauci said the current coronavirus death rate in the United States “remains unacceptably high.” The US death rate from Covid-19 is 1.1 percent, the highest among the seven industrialized nations. Fauci also warned that re-mutations of the new coronavirus could still emerge, especially in the coming winter.

At the same time, some Americans protested outside the White House in Washington, holding signs against Biden’s “end of the epidemic in the United States”. This group of protestors is a group of people with the progression of the “long new crown”.

Experts in Hong Kong are believed to be no more authoritative than Fauci. Fauci also fears that new variants will appear. He believes that the epidemic is not over, and we should not be too optimistic.

It is hoped that the SAR government will act prudently in opening up further, minimize the side effects of the new measures and reduce loopholes.
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