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US stocks did well ahead of the Fed’s interest rate meeting, and Hong Kong stocks followed suit, but market sentiment was still on the sidelines, so turnover was only 73 billion yuan. There is no clear message yet, which can confirm that the market has bottomed out rather than rebounding.

The global stock market rebounded slightly during the US and European Central Bank interest rate negotiations. After US stocks rose, mainland A shares and Hong Kong stocks rebounded. 3122 points, up 6 points; the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 11283 points, up 76 points; The ChiNext Index rose 16 points to close at 2366 points. The Hang Seng Index rose a maximum of 296 points to 18,861 points, and closed at 18,781 points, up 215 points; the H Share Index rose 67 points to close at 6,405 points; the KSE closed at 3,853 points, up 75 points, but turnover had shrunk to a new more than 4 and a half month low.
Changes in interest rates are responsible for the ups and downs in boring stocks

In addition to the lack of momentum in the transaction, the stocks driving the market recovery are mainly oversold sectors. For example, there seems to be no new up engine for Internet stocks and auto stocks. Central tea friends said that although the index rose, many second and third tier stocks continued to reach the lowest level of a year. It seems that he has held dividend stocks for many years. Chevalier (025) closed below 8 yuan and closed at 7.96 yuan, down 2.5%. Chevalier is a small stock conglomerate. It started mainly in elevator engineering, and later developed construction, real estate, and catering. , the investment has basically recovered over the years. However, the chevalier fell after the high price of 11 yuan a few years ago, and fell back to the beginning of 7 yesterday.

Chayou has held shares for many years and has a little understanding of its trend. He described this stock as “there is no wind or rain” Profits will not rise suddenly, but they will not fall suddenly. It’s just a boring stock. In individual years, the business has a few highs and lows, which mainly reflects the investment sentiment of the market. Now that the stock price has returned to the low level for many years, the core reason is not that the company has a big problem, but the increase in US interest rates. With the increase in bank deposit interest rates, the attractiveness of such dividend paying stocks has decreased relatively. Looking at the world from a grain of sand, it shows that the momentum of the weakening interest should not asset pricing risk be over. Kong stocks seem to have bounced more than bottomed out.

Chevalier’s share price was at a high that year, and Europe fell into negative interest rates, and US bond interest rates seemed to be absent from time to time. Now that the stock price has fallen, it could have compensated for this bottom line, but tea friends said with a smile, as the wind of the American eagle is blowing, buying stocks at the current price tempers the mind in big, and there is no need to rush to buy them.

After listening to the observation of tea friends and then looking at the market, there are no stocks that are strong and sustainable. Yesterday’s rebound was indeed driven by a sudden decline and rebound. It seems that technology stocks have rebounded at the beginning of the week. Alibaba (9988) rose 3% to close at 86.2 Yuan; Jingdong Group (9618) rose 3.5% to close at 225 yuan; NetEase (9999) rose 4% to close at 132.3 yuan; Tencent (700) rose 1.5% to close at 293.4 yuan, still not over the 300 yuan mark. Electric cars NIO (9866), Xpeng Motors (9868) and Ideal Motors (2015) took advantage of US stocks to gain overnight momentum. Xiaopeng Motors increased 9% to close at 62.1 yuan; NIO jumped 5% to close at 162.5 yuan; Lili Motor jumped 6% to close at 99.6 yuan; BYD (1211), which has the shadow of reducing its holdings, only rose less than 3% to close at 99.6 yuan. 222 yuan, still a low level in the second half of the year.
Buying the nine rebound home is better than being happy

Compared to the concept of epidemic prevention tolerance with a relatively hyped atmosphere, Macao will adjust the requirements for negative nucleic acid test certificates for people traveling to places outside Guangdong Province from 0:00 on the 21st. Sands China (1928) rose 8% to close at 19.28 yuan, the best performing blue chip stock; Melco International Development (200) increased 15% to close at 6.15 yuan; SJM (880) rose 7% to close at 3.1 yuan Gao Mei’s UD (2282) rose 6% to close at 4.39 yuan; Wynn Macau (1128) jumped 8.5% to close at 5.06 yuan; GEG (027) rose 4% to close at 45.1 yuan.

In Hong Kong, the Chief Executive, Li Jiachao, met the media before attending the Executive Council He pointed out that various government departments are studying the requirements for quarantine on arrival in Hong Kong under a slowdown’ the epidemic in Hong Kong. Local retail and tourism stocks continued to strengthen. Chow Tai Fook (1929) rose 3% to close at 15.84 yuan; Dongying Travel (6882) rose 5.88% to close at 0.72 yuan; Wharf Properties (1997) rose 3.54% to close at 39.5 yuan.

Jiuzhi’s stock price was under pressure before the results were announced. At that time, he had enough courage to speculate on the rebound. Now the stock price has risen more than 15%. This kind of short-term speculation is dangerous. . .
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