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In the mid-term elections in the United States, the results of the preliminary election are more favorable to the opposition Republicans, and they have a good chance to gain control of the House of Representatives and challenge the majority in the Senate. In the past, when political power in the United States was dominated by rotating political parties in the White House, the president was able to control Congress at the same time, however, in the two-year mid-term elections in later, most of the voters will turn to support the opposition parties, causing the ruling party to lose control of the parliament and the power of the president will be limited. Democrat President Biden has a good chance of repeating the same mistakes. If control of both houses is lost, Biden will be reduced to a “lame duck” and his governance will be severely hampered.

After Biden took office, the Russian-Ukrainian war began, along with the attraction of relations with China, inflation in the United States remained high, and the economic environment was unfavorable for the Democratic Party. In the past, the Republican Party was seen as a friend of the business community, with interests leaning towards oil and arms dealers, such as fighting wars, and having good relations with China. However, although the last President Trump was a Republican, he was friendly with Putin, and he fought a trade war to revive China. Therefore, regardless of who is in power between the two parties, it has become a consensus that the relationship with Beijing is extremely good and limited, and it is not appropriate to place high hopes on Sino-US relations. , the macro impact of the mid-term elections on the stock markets of China and Hong Kong has been relatively reduced. Conversely, looking at US stocks, if the Republicans control Congress, they will oppose the government’s increase in spending, which will make bond prices rise and bond interest rates fall, which good for US stocks.
WORLD is pushing high-priced cars to fight back next year

With the start of the mid-term elections, there are two prominent figures who are not content to be alone, one of the founders of Tesla, Elon Musk, who openly asked Americans to vote for the Republican Party, believing that the dominance of the Republican Party on the Congress is beneficial. for balance. Musk’s Tesla electric car factory has won a lot of love in China Recently, some politicians said that it has done too much business with the mainland. Tesla is an alternative Chinese concept stock, and it is clearly aimed at . Musk’s business and political excellence, his active participation in the midterm elections, and his acquisition of social media Twitter, increased his influence in the political and business circles. The most well-known user of Twitter in the past was former President Trump. His account was suspended during the campaign. It is estimated that his account may not be frozen in the future, paving the way for the battle of the masters of the White House , so the positions of Tesla and Musk will become quite subtle.

Another high-profile figure in the campaign is, of course, former President Trump. With the US economy and stock market booming for four years under his rule, politicians believe he has a good chance of making a comeback in the next election. Currently, the judiciary is conducting multiple investigations against him, so Trump has a good opportunity to publicize his candidacy in advance and create a talisman to stop him. During the Trump presidency, US-Russian relations have been relatively calm, and Putin may be more concerned about future US elections than any other country’s leader.

Recently, Musk put his focus on joining Twitter and engaging in politics, and Tesla has been considered an alternative Chinese stock, so the stock price has not been in a good mood recently. Tesla’s share price is weak, and China’s electric car leader BYD (1211) has been reduced by Warren Buffett on rallies, so the sector’s performance is particularly volatile. Due to Tesla’s launch of a time-limited car insurance subsidy program in China, the price of the car insurance subsidy was secretly reduced, China’s electric vehicle stocks fell sharply at the opening, and then the decline narrowed slightly. NIO (9866) fell 9% to close at 85.25 yuan; Ideal (2015) fell 6% to close at 69.95 yuan; Xiaopeng (9868) fell 5% to close at 31.15 yuan; BYD (1211) fell 1% to close at 196.1 yuan. American competitors cut prices, and BYD switched to high-end. The company revealed to the media that it plans to release high-end brands in the first quarter of next year. People familiar with the matter revealed that the high-end price will brands more than 1 million yuan. , Pictures circulating on the Internet show that the model is an SUV. Electric vehicle stocks fell due to intense competition, but Tianqi Lithium battery stocks (9696) rose 5% to close at 76 yuan; Tianneng Power (819) rose 2% to close at 8.73 yuan.
Xinyi Division has benefited from the Carbon Peak Policy

The mainland stock market closed lower. After the Hang Seng Index rose for two consecutive days, it closed at 16,557 points yesterday, down 38 points, with a turnover of 104.7 billion yuan. Recently, money has turned to pay attention to the new policies The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments published a notice on the Action Plan for Carbon Peaking in the Building Materials Industry, offering to guide building materials enterprises to use renewable energy is active. such as solar energy and wind energy. 968) rose 3% to close at 9.39 yuan; Xinyi Energy (3868) rose 4.5% to close at 2.31 yuan. Xinyi Power Storage (8328), another company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, is mainly involved in photovoltaic film. The company’s CEO, Wang Mohan, said at the performance conference that the group’s three major sectors have achieved funds by basically a commercial back. that the global photovoltaic film market demand will reach more than 5 billion square meters, and Xinyi’s film production capacity will reach about 500 million square meters in 2023. Xinyi Power Storage announced that the net profit for the three first quarter that ended in September this year was 50.454 million yuan, up 2.6 times year on year; earnings per share were 6.92 cents, up 2.3 times year on year; revenue during the period was 697 million yuan, up 1.75 times year on year, and the stock price closed at 4.88 yuan, down 2%.
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