Lucifer Telugu Remake, New Song with Stunt Scenes

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Lucifer Telugu Remake, New Song with Stunt Scenes

Directed by Prithiraj Sukumaran and starring Mohanlal as the lead, Lucifer is a thrilling film for Malayalees. Murali Gopi has written the script of the film. In the film directed by Prithvi, where Mohanlal cut the scene, he came in a completely different look and feel.

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi played the role of the villain. Both gave a good performance in the film. Full of magic, Lucifer is still a new movie for Malayalees.

The Telugu remake of the film is being made with Chiranjeevi in ​​the lead role. Salman Khan, Nayanthara, Murali Sharma and others also appear in other roles. Prabhu Deva also appears in a song scene.

Lucifer fans were curious to know how Mohanlal’s movie Aranguvana would be filmed in Telugu. The new lyric video from the film is out now.

The new song is a remake of the factory fight scene from Lucifer. In this scene, which is not likely to be easily forgotten by anyone who has seen Lucifer, Prithvi made the scene complete by calling on Mohanlal, a consummate actor.

But when it comes to Telugu, the stunt scene is rendered in a very supernatural way by Chiranjeevi. The fans are asking if this scene that rocked the theater was a bit overdone when it came to Telugu.

Chiranjeevi, who replaces Mohanlal, has already been taken on air by the Malayalee audience. No doubt more trolls will arrive with this song scene out. Even when the teaser video and lyrics were released earlier, there were many trolls against Chiranjeevi and Salmal Khan.

The lyrics are composed by Ananta Sriram and the music is composed by Srikrishna and Prudhvi Chandra. Salman Khan plays Prithviraj in Godfather, and Nayanthara replaces Manju Warrier. Puri Jagannath and Satyadev Kancharana also appear in important roles in the film.

The film is directed by Mohan Raja. The film is produced by Ram Charan, RB Chaudhary and NV Prasad. The film’s music was composed by Thaman S.

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