Lucky female teacher wins 600,000 lottery, closes football field, feeds 150 children to whole school

“Teacher Waew” is lucky and still kind After winning the 6 hundred thousand lottery, closing the football field to feed pigs, more than 150 students and teachers throughout the school

At 2:00 pm (January 26, 2023), the reporter was informed that a female teacher. At Ban Mai School, Na Sao Subdistrict, Chiang Khan District, won hundreds of thousands of baht from the government lottery. Catering for pork pans for the students of the whole school

Reporters asked Mrs. Rattanarat Ratchamee, 54 years old (Teacher Waew), professional teacher. Ysgol Ban Mai said he went to buy the government lottery draw on January 16, 2023, when the results of the big draw will be out. It was found that he won several prizes, 3 page number, 389, and other prizes, he received 600,000 baht and this was the 6th lottery draw in a row, a total of 6 draws, a total of 1,000,000 baht. There are about 150 people, 19 teachers , organizing a feast on the football field in front of the school, providing unlimited food and drinks, and raising children to the max. spend tens of thousands of baht on January 19, 2023

The students were happy. where a teacher at school won the lottery and wants teachers to be right often can pick up grilled pork every period I want my teacher to take me to a water park in Bangkok. until the students returned home to tell their parents that the teacher won the lottery for more than 10,000,000 baht. There was also 1,000,000 baht.

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