Luffy, the mastermind behind a series of robberies, boasts, “EXIT Kanechika was tricked and caught by me.”[光文社週刊誌]

EXIT’s Daiki Kanechika, who was once linked to “Luffy”

“I was a follower of ‘Luffy’. Violence, burning guts, confiscation of food… their reign of terror was terrifying.”

K, who is currently serving a sentence in a domestic prison for his part in a particular fraud.

Since last year, more than 10 consecutive robberies have occurred across the country. In Komae City, Tokyo, Iyo Oshio (90 years old) was beaten to death, leading to a robbery-murder case.

“The criminals have been arrested one after another, and the reality of the crime has gradually come to light. It is known that the instructions were issued from the “Bikutan detention center” under the jurisdiction the Bureau of Immigration. The Metropolitan Police Department has already issued arrest warrants for the suspects Yuki Watanabe and Kiyoto Imamura on suspicion of special fraud. We suspect that the four suspects are behind the robbery, and requests the Philippine authorities to hand them over.”

They used codenames to hide their identity. Watanabe and Imamura’s code names are “Luffy” after the main character of the popular manga “One Piece”. This duo “Luffy” is the person who was Mr. “boss”. K at the beginning. Through Mr K’s common law wife, this magazine covered the real situation.

In the first place, Mr K was one of the people arrested in November 2019 when 36 people were arrested all at once as “Kakeko” of a special fraud group in the Philippines.

“The group was led by Suspect Watanabe and Suspect Imamura. They fled when we were arrested, but were later caught and sent to a detention camp.”

However, they were in a different class to “underlings” like Mr. K.

“There is a rumor that he used to belong to a designated gang, and he ran the camp with a man called S. Suspect Watanabe and Suspect Imamura are both from Sapporo, and they say they are local friends. You said. It was the same. generation and seems to be on good terms. Because Imamura named Watanabe suspect is “Yu”. Imamura suspected​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ in Japanese yen. I saw a large amount of money being handed over to the camp officials, who were given favorable treatment by the guards, who, on the contrary, let people they didn’t like be put in cells solitary confinement and not being allowed to use the toilets and showers. I couldn’t even eat when their eyes were on me.”

Having got “power”, they started doing bad things again in the camp.

“I said to about 10 ‘minions’, ‘You’ve done something wrong anyway, so do something worse and make more money,’ and had them make a phone call to Japan from inside” r camp, and commit fraud and cash card fraud. “They made me commit fraud, etc. I was almost a part of it, but I didn’t want to commit more crimes, so I stubbornly resisted.”

In Japan, as caution against certain frauds increased, and when the desired results were not achieved, “Luffy” and others began to engage in heinous crimes. It’s the serial robbery case this time.

“I saw several times when Imamura and Watanabe gave orders to criminals in Japan to commit robberies. In that case, they threatened to obey, “I will kidnap my girlfriend and mother in Japan.” .”

In addition, Mr K said that Watanabe had told him a certain boastful story.

“I used to be arrested for robbery in Sapporo, but that EXIT Kanechika was the one I used and arrested as an accomplice then. “I didn’t believe it at all.”

EXIT Kanechika Taiki (31), who is popular for his comedy gal man. It’s hard to believe he’s part of Luffy’s crew, but he’s certainly been arrested twice.

“In September 2019, “Weekly Bunshun” reported that Kanechika was arrested in November 2011 for allegedly arranging prostitution for high school girls. “I can finally talk,” and “I want you to reveal everything ,” he admitted bluntly. ” (entertainment reporter)

Moreover, on October 4, 2019, “Bakuho! In THE Friday (TBS series), Kanechika himself reveals another arrest story.

“It refers to the 10 million yen robbery that took place in Sapporo in August 2012. Mr Kanechika was arrested, held captive for 10 days, and then not prosecuted, on suspicion of breaking into the house of a male host club employee and stole a fireproof safe containing about 10 million yen in cash. It is reported that the suspect has been arrested.” (Department of Corporate Affairs Reporter)

Past unexpected helpers “Luffy” and Kanechika … Kanechika’s autobiographical novel “Mukidashi” (Bungeishunju) also contains a passage that appears to describe the robbery.

Arrested on suspicion of soliciting prostitution, the protagonist has a fateful meeting in the waiting room of the public prosecutor’s office with “a man showing a glimpse of a Japanese carving from the sleeve of his wrist.” The main character knocked this guy off and started running the bar as recommended. And one day, I receive this request from a man.

“It looks like the woman has been kidnapped, so unlock an acquaintance’s house to confirm.”

Following the instructions of the “boss” who gave us the store, the hero called a contractor to unlock it and confirmed that it was unmanned. However, a few days later, the police came to my house and told me that there had been a burglary in the house that I had seen unlocked. The main character, who learned that he was “hammed”, left Sapporo and went to Tokyo with the goal of becoming an entertainer.

The appearance of the main character drawn by Kanechika in his autobiographical novel is reminiscent of the current event, where amateurs gathered for a “dark part-time job” commit a robbery. Of course, Kanechika himself revealed his history of arrest twice, reflected on his past actions, and has been rehabilitated brilliantly. Kanechika must have been surprised that he had a connection with “Luffy”.

“The incident is still far from over. There are multiple names of the masters apart from ‘Luffy’, and it will take quite a while to explain the whole story.”

“Pirate King” is not allowed in the real world.

( Weekly edition of FLASH February 21, 2023 )

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