Luhan sang the Chinese theme song of “Spider-Man: Across the Universe” to interpret the alternate aspect of Spider-Man_TOM 星雙

Lu Han sang the Chinese theme song of Lu Han sang the Chinese theme song of Lu Han sang the Chinese theme song of Lu Han sang the Chinese theme song of

Lu Han’s official announcement

Top of “Empire” magazine’s “Best Animation in Film History” and Best Animated Feature Film Oscar “Spider-Man: Into the Universe” The new sequel “Spider-Man: Across the Universe” has been officially announced the Lu Han will sing the Chinese theme song of the film “Vertical and Horizontal” universe”, a preview of behind-the-scenes creations. The setting of the novel “More than one Spider-Man” struck Lu Han’s soul in middle school, and he wanted to be a football Spider-Man; “Treat me like an alternative” is to let people see the fearless aspect of the new. generation of Spider-Man. The first round of overseas pick-ups received rave reviews, and was hailed as “Best of the Year” and “set a new milestone for animated films again”! The film will land on the big screens across the country at the same time in North America on June 2.

Lu Han sings Spider-Man’s Chinese theme song The passionate lyrics show the fearless attitude of the new generation of Spider-Man

Luhan sang the Chinese theme song of “Spider-Man: Across the Universe”It can be described as a surprise, the young and fashionable temperament fits perfectly with the film, and the clear voice sings the brave, fearless, casual and youthful attitude of the new generation of Spider-Man. The rhythm of the song is brisk, and the style of the song is smart and catches the ear. It seems that you can see the light figure of Spiderman jumping with spider silk among the tall buildings in the city. The Chinese theme song “Across the Universe” and the MV will be launched next Monday, so stay tuned.

In the behind-the-scenes clips, Lu Han, who likes watching anime, also expressed his love for the cool style of the movie. The multimedia installation “More than one Spider-Man” even touched Lu Han’s soul in the middle school, hopes to add The “Football Spider-Man” who uses football as a weapon has an unexpected imagination. In the words of the theme song, “Just When I’m Different” sang the attitude of the new generation of Spider-Man vowing to resist the curse of fate. “If you choose the road, you will not go back.” also shows Miles’ fearless spirit of demanding his choice, making people feel excited from the heart. The different styles of Spider-Man in the film are very impressive, and Lu Han also expressed his favorite punk Spider-Man. The sight of hundreds of Spider-Man gatherings is even more explosive, and I look forward to every audience seeing this unprecedented Spider-Man battle on the big screen.

Word of mouth a foreign country lifts the ban and hails “the best of the year” The big screen on the mainland is about to explode

The movie “Spider-Man: Across the Universe”The ban was lifted by word of mouth on foreign social media, and the film’s visual style, multimedia adventure, story emotion, etc. were greatly confirmed by many film critics and editors, who praised the film as “Best of the Year”, It is ” Greatest Animated Film in History”, “Beyond the Previous”, “Epic The artwork” “once again has become a new milestone in animated films”, “the laughs and tributes are perfect”, and the praise is beyond words it’s crazy to look at. forward to.

As the new sequel to the Best Animated Feature Oscar, “Spider-Man: Across the Universe” has assembled the world’s innovative animation team to show the imagination and creativity beyond the reach of live-action films with cool and dazzling audiovisual images. The visual scene of the universe and the visual effect of the battle of the spiders. In the upcoming summer season, “Spider-Man: Across the Universe” will present an unparalleled audiovisual feast to the audience.

The film “Spider-Man: Across the Universe” is produced by Columbia Pictures and produced by Sony Animation.On June 2, it will land on the domestic big screen at the same time in North Americathe film is currently on pre-sale, pre-order for an explosive and chilling trip to the big screen!

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