Luke Walton calls a huge 'Lakers Ball' piece of Lakers protection

As Lonzo Ball was injured, Lakers' defense looked objectively worse and the team suffered seriously because it was not available. Without one of its best perimeter defenders, defender point did not attack by the Lakers.

Luke Walton spoke about the importance of Ball to the protection of staff on Mason and Ireland on the ESPNLA Monday (via Harrison Faigen, Screen & Silver Roll).

“It's very big. Many people don't talk about what it means to protect us… And to lose it at the time we did… a lot of our defense was falling. ”

The resolute impact of Ball on ad nauseam has been spoken in recent weeks. LeBron James gave Ball a “huge piece” of the team's defense and JaVale McGee referred to a Ball as a piece that could splash play on his return.

While Ball has a real impact on defense and the Lakers are worse off, his influence may have been too infringed at this point. Ball is a defendant above average but he hasn't decided many of the Lakers issues in recent weeks.

When Ball was off the line, the Lakers have allowed the second and 20th points in shots defending the edge. In the first one, Ball could help to protect the line better but the rest of the Lakers will go up. The second is an area, in the meantime, which will not be affected by a Member.

The main impact of the area on the ball is that Rajon Rondo will not be on the court. Rondo has a similar rating of 118.6, which has long had its main site, while on the floor, the Lakers have been the third worst defense in the league since a Ball injury. Not to be on the floor, the Lakers still have a protection protection of 112.1 in the field.

There will be advantages in ending the protection of Ball returns. But Lakers' problems are much deeper than the lack of Ball and many of the solutions must come from many other areas before a Ball returns.

LaMelo Ball makes Lonzo Ball out of zero points put up in a game


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