Lukman responds to those who have been ignored through his own work; He has no grudge against anyone – Adri Joy

Lukman responds to those who have been ignored through his own work; He has no grudge against anyone: Adri Joy

Jamshi played by Lukman Awaran is another character that won the audience’s favor along with Tovino’s role as Waseem’s groom in Thallumala. Jamshi was a completely different character in Luqman’s career.

Adri Joy who played the role of Vikas in the film says that Lukman is the person who struggled with Tovino in Thallumala and he is the person who gives the answer to everything through his work despite a lot of criticism. He was speaking in an interview given to Club FM.

Luqman Tovino is a person who took effort in Thallumala just like Thomas. He has struggled a lot for dancing, singing and fighting. I understand that it has had to suffer a lot of neglect along the way.

He answers it through his work. That’s one thing he wants, and he has no anger or revenge against those who put him down. This is what I liked most about it. Luqman is a person who goes on as if his work is proof of everything. “He also says that letting my work show me what I am,” said Adri.

Story writer and assistant director Jishnu S. Ramesh’s Facebook chat recently was Lukman asking him for an opportunity.

Jishnu says in the note that he still remembers Lukman who came to the flat where the pre-production of Anugreethan Anthony was happening one afternoon, sweaty and tired, asking for a chance.

There are many friends around who are passionate about acting and cinema. Along with his experience, Jishnu said that what else can be told to them other than the story of the people has been achieved through hard work. Jishnu’s note was shared by others including Operation Jawa director Tarun Murthy.

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