Lula was asked about marriage She was over 40 years old and still asking about this topic?

by on instagram @lulaandlulis Posted a picture and wrote that “Mum took a picture for me. There are some friends who have not met for a while. The first common word is when are you married believe if married He would always say when he had children. At this age, over 40, are you still going to start a conversation with this topic? So old fashioned Why don’t you change it? How are you? What have you been up to lately? Better than her Now I am happy with my mother. It’s over. Love.”

with fans and people in the entertainment industry joining in their opinions, such as asking when we can meet like this, the next question, when will there be a younger one, and another question, why so fat, is it true? Rats who are constantly asked Don’t you really have a girlfriend? You can have one.. Maybe you don’t want to go to a family meeting, you’re too lazy to answer, I agree, and’ the question is, why don’t you have a girlfriend? Is it a lot or not Actually, I want to answer that it is about … and so on.

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