Lulu World Season-2 Promo: Cake Mix Made | Lulu World Season-2 Promo

KUWAIT CITY: As part of the Lulu World 2022 Season-2 promotion, Lulu held a cake mix at Hyper Dajij. 3500 kg of dried fruit and nuts mixed with exotic fresh fruit, dried fruit, juice and flavors for Lulu’s Christmas and New Year plum cake. TV anchor and chef Raj Kalesh inaugurated the supermarket in the presence of top management representatives.

The Lulu World Season-2 promotion, launched at Lulu Hypermarket, will continue until October 4, introducing a variety of food products from around the world. As part of this food festival, various food counters were prepared like live demo by prominent chefs, street food counters, Malabar tea shop, that shop, the bakery and the bread house. Discounts and special offers on food products are part of the promotion. Various competitions were also organised.

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